Moi Experience In The Video Challenge With Aqualabel !

If I am not wrong, there are about 25 bloggers who are shortlisted to the
Aqualabel "Unravel Your Blogger Power" Contest Stage 3
and I was fortunately / lucky to be one of them!

When I was told by Yanny that I was shortlisted,
it took me about ten minutes to digest the good news!
Infact, I’d thought I must had heard it wrongly!

In Stage 3, I was supposed to take a video and talked about my favourite product (White Up Base) from Aqualabel.
Each of us was only allowed to have maximum 3 takes (NG) while recording the video.

I was allowed to edit my recorded video at the end of the video shoot.

So before I went for my recording, I had to plan what I wanted to bring out in my final video clip.

I’m working and coincidentally that I had some "Autumn Cleaning" to do in my room recently,
so I had to make use of every free time I had to do the planning.

My first planning was prepared on the MRT train while on my way home from work!
Came out with a few points and keywords, wrote them down on my mobile phone.

Draft a rough idea on what I intended to add into my video.

Few days later, got my script prepared.
The words in the photos below are quite small,
not to worry, you’ll get to know what I will be talking when my video is up!

Video Workshop!

Came the shooting day at Shiseido Workshop Room!

Snacks and magazines were placed on the table for us to enjoy while waiting for our turns for the video shoot!

Before the video shoot, we were given a crash course on video editing and tips to take note during photoshoot and videoshoot.
Our demonstrator was Zi Ang from Panasonic.

I took down some notes from the workshop.

Zi Ang explained on the different functions/mode on the camera as he gave a live demonstration.
After the crash course, it’s time for the video shoot!

By random, I was the 17th to take the video shoot.

Beginning of the wait, the bloggers and I were chit-chatting.
There wasn’t any sign of nervousness.

We didn’t really want to indulge in the snacks prepared for us,
because we wouldn’t want to dirty our teeth or smudge our lipglosses! LOL

But as the time passed,
the remaining few of us started to memorize our scripts,
practising our script in whatever corners we could find in the room!


Then came my turn!

Thanks to Yanny for helping me to take a few shots while I was getting ready for the video shoot.
Nervous, nervous and more nervous was all I felt!

I chose to stand and opted for half-body shot.

Taking my last glance at my script!

Photo taken by Yanny

Positioning myself into the camera,

Photo taken by Yanny

Photo taken by Yanny

Camera-man (Zi Ang) hard at work!

Photo taken by Yanny

Me smiling at the camera….

Photo taken by Yanny

Photo taken by Yanny


There was abit of hiccup after the Video Shoot.
I went home but unable to view my files.
Infact I couldn’t detect the SD card via card reader.
I could only access the card reader via my camera which happened to use the same SD Card as Panasonic.
But still, there was no video or files inside!
It was a disaster but luckily I managed to have everything resolved on the next working day!

The Making of the Video Editing!

Video editing was time consuming.
Gota do a little bit of planning based on the ideas which I’ve had earlier.

During the editing, some of the photos/slides which I prepared had to be left out due to the time limitation of the video clip.
Here’s the photos/slides which I’ve gotten.

I had to trial and error the duration, played around to decide at which segment I wanted to insert my slides.
Need to replay many times to know what’s the maximum duration I could have on the slides.
A duration change on one slide affected the rest of the segments.

I had to ensure the cartoon and fonts on my slides are acceptable in the video clip because
these slides tend to "stretch" out to full-screen while playing the video clip!

I also had make sure my video was able to bring out what I wanted to say.

Segments must be in order and probably to tell a short story of my favourite product, White Up Base.

If you’re interested, my review on Aqualabel White Up Base is here..

Frankly speaking, taking video clip of myself, by myself, alone in my private room,
is so much different from taking a video shoot with Aqualabel.
One of the reasons is probably because we are competing with one another,
and also the atmosphere is very different between my room and Aqualabel workshop room.

It’s not just about presenting myself infront of a 3rd party,
but also the preparation I need to have before the shoot,
because I am only allowed to have 3 takes.
I must be brave to speak with fluency and graciousness,
and not to forget to bring out my charisma~

It was a great experience to have a video shoot with professional lightings
and of course by the camera man, Zi Ang.
This experience has benefited me not just on my braveness,
but also has improved my creativity in editing videos!

 Keep a lookout for my video at Aqualabel Facebook !
Remember to give me your "Likes" ya!
Need your support for me to get to the next stage, which is holding my own
private party/workshop on Aqualabel Products!
Keeping my fingers crossed!!


6 thoughts on “Moi Experience In The Video Challenge With Aqualabel !

  1. jiayou jiayou~~
    Congrats that you got into the next round :)))
    I’ll be liking your video. One person can vote for a few people one right? Jiayou babe. Cheering for you.

  2. Hiya!
    That is an interesting preparation you have there!
    Good Luck!
    I enjoy reading your product reviews but I seldom comment because I am not familiar with livejournal.

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