[Movie] Love Cuts (割爱)

If you have  been hanging around in cinema lately, this advert booth should be familiar to you.

Zoe Tay (Singapore most popular local actress),
Kenny Ho (Hong Kong Actor),
Christy Yow (Malaysian Model)

From an invitation, I’ve watched it and here’s my review & thoughts.

Zoe Tay played the role of a mother of two, and owned her mother’s tailor shop,
worked as a seamstress who was very skilful in amending all kind of clothes and
yet also very creative to come out with her own designed apparel for all ages.

Kenny Ho played the role of Zoe Tay’s husband, who had neglected the family due to his work.

Christy Yow was a professional model who was attached.

In this movie, Sissy (Zoe Tay)’s family was just like any of the families living in Singapore.
Had a loving husband, Wai Mun (Kenny Ho), a son (Edwin Goh) a daughter (Regene Lim) and her mother who didn’t stay with them.

Sissy’s mother-love was shown at the very first scene when she prepared breakfast for the kids before school.
More loves were shown when she tailor-made an outfit specially for her daughter during the birthday.
The daughter had a bubbly character inside the movie while the son tend to coop himself into the room,
hardly talked much to the parents.

Sissy’s husband was fed up with his work and showed less concern to the family.


Things changed when Sissy was found out to be at the at 4th Stage of Breast Cancer.
It was too late for Sissy to remove her breast as
the cancer cells had spread to the other organs insider her.

Before her condition got any worsened,
she tried to teach her husband how to do the household chores, taught her son on how to look after the tailor shop,
encouraged her daughter to learn sewing and
promised a tailor-made kimono dress for her when she succeeded.

It was very touching to see the whole family bonded once again and spent time with one another.

Along the way, came Kristine Ong (Christy Yow) who played a professional sexy model and had a friendship developed with Sissy during one of Christy’s down-days.

Despite being sick, Sissy was able to advice and encourage Kristine when Kristine was detected with breast cancer. However Kristine didn’t know the truth about Sissy’s health condition.
Kristine refused to have her breast removed due to her fear of losing her boyfriend and career.

And when she finally learnt that Sissy’s death and the sadness caused to Sissy’s loved ones,
Kristine decided to remove her breast to prevent the cancer cells from spreading,
she realized being able to stay alive with loved ones is the most important thing in life.

There were many other heart-warming scenes where how the friends and family of Sissy tried to cheer her up by planning a birthday party for her tailor shop…

This movie is definitely worth watching even though not much info on cancer was mentioned.
The motive of this movie is to bring out the awareness of breast cancer,
encourage the patients and loved ones to sty strong,
never give up even if there is only one last survival chance.

Both Zoe Tay and Christy Yow played very well inside this movie.

photo from http://www.spcnet.tv

The family love had greatly left a deep impression on me..

photo from xinmsn

This movie has touched my heart…

Just like what Zoe Tay has said in one of her lines…
(Can’t remember the exact words, but the meaning is here)

"When we are sick, our loved ones get sad and worry about us,
that’s why we have to be more stronger than them, to assure them"

"We may have our most favourite clothes in the wardrobe,
no matter how torn they are, they can be amended.
but the one piece which can never be amended is our own body"

And yes, I teared while watching the movie,
it’s touching and the snapshots taken by the son in the movie,
were full of memories….

Haven’t been bringing your mum out for a long time?

Perhaps you want to bring her out to this movie and bring some awareness to her?

Never neglect our annual health checks..
There maybe a cure if detection is early.

Do encourage your loved ones to go for the health checkups.

Find out more
BestScreen Singapore

Review above are based on my personal thoughts and am in no affiliation to the movie production or whatsoever.


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