7 Haven Chakra Experience [Read on to see how to join the Giveaway!]

It’s my first time to hear about 7 Haven Chakra!
When I first saw the words, I thought of 7-Heaven Ice-Cream!
Ice-cream and 7 Haven Chakra are seriously two different things ya!
The only common factor I see in them is, both are pampering hobbies!

Did some reading…

7 Chakra origins from "Ayurveda".
It is all about traditional medicine, science, treatments, which originates from India.


7 Haven Chakra which a full-body treatment,
touches on all 5 senses to impart a deep and total feeling of well-being.


Inside this treatment:

[1] Precise and gentle full body massage
[2] Essential oil which are made from plant extracts
[3] Different essential oil to target different parts of the body
[4] Inhalation of the Aroma from the various essential oil


Ingredients used in the essential oil are extracted without damaging the environment,
or create pollution to the plants and soil.
Eco methods are used.
This ensures the pure goodness in the essential oil comes from a sustainable environment.

I was invited by Adonis to experience 7 Haven Chakra sometime ago.
Had my appointment made at Harbourfront Outlet.
The whole session took about 2/5 hours and I felt so pampered!

A room was prepared for my arrival, it’s so cozy inside!

Aroma calms my mind, soothes my mind…

Here’s what had been prepared for me!
The scent from each bottle was so soothing…

7 Haven Chakra requires 7 different essential oil to treat 7 different areas on the body including the head.

7 areas to treat:

[1] Crown Chakra
[2] Brows Chakra
[3] Throat Chakra
[4] Heart Chakra
[5] Navel / Solar Plexus Chakra
[6] Sacral Chakra
[7] Base Chakra

Other than just massage, 7 Haven Chakra is supposed to help in treating menstruation pain,
body-ache, poor gastric, migraine etc.
I will say this treatment is more of the well-being of oneself.

My therapist was Nicole.
Her hands were like wonder and made my massage session felt so relax and rejuvenating.

Before proceeding with the treatment, I had my face cleansed.
There wasn’t any hard massage involved in 7 Haven Chakra.
The whole session was about soft massage, calming the body.
Before each area on my body was treated, I was given a light sniff on the essential oil.
My favourite was the green bottle, used in Heart Chakra.

At the end of treatment, I had an Oxymask applied on my face.
During masking, I felt so relaxed that i was like half-sleep!

Nicole was very gentle and caring, she gave me extra blankets incase I was cold.

I learn that for the body, the upper part is supposed to be in "cool" state while the lower part should be in the "warm" state. Hence the cool colours on the essential oil bottles which are used for upper body part, while warm colours on the essential oil bottles which are used for lower body part.

Here’s some notes (extracted from Adonis) on the 8 bottles of essential oil in 7 Haven Chakra,
starting from warm to cool!

 Giveaway Time!

Adonis is proud to sponsor 5 complimentary treatments to my readers.

Just email to this address pick.my.entry@gmail.com with subject header ilovetiphanie.
Picked winners will be notified by Adonis!

And before I end, during the treatment, only a paper panty and disposable bra will be worn.
However, blanket will be used to cover your body, you won’t feel naked at all!
So those who may not be comfortable with it may have to think twice before joining the Giveaway ya!

Good luck!


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