What’s there to WOW?

A new era in feminine care!

Why white when we can use colours to express ourselves during the special days?

Welcome the biggest change!

KOTEX LUXE* Ultrathin Design Pads


4 different pads to be introduced here!
:: Girl Next Door Persona
:: Indie Chic-Girl Persona
:: Day Use
:: Night Use

I am amazed by the light-coloured prints on the pads, they sure cheer me up on the moody days!
I like it’s reusable drawstring polybags which can hold a few pads inside, and put inside my bag conveniently.

Other than the chic designs on the pads, the technology behind the absorption has improved!

It gives the maximum absorption despite its ultra thin thickness!
it has this Micro<Max® Technology based on a super absorbent ultrathin core that provides maximum protection.

Its soft cottony cover feels good and comfortable on the skin!

Enough protection, no worry about side leakage!

Now here’s your chance to grab a FREE sample of the new innovative-designed sanitary pad!

Don’t forget your WOW code is "AGES" !


Start your redemption today!

Here’s some shots on the fun I had at WOW Party!

Some photos are taken by myself,

some are extracted from TheSampleStore (Credits to Lijuan who took the photos),
and some are taken by the Photographer of the event.
Oh by the way, I was invited by TheSampleStore for this WOW Party.

Party was held at Heaven’s Loft, the whole place was booked for the party.
Ambience was great with all the sweet things around us.

We were given the materials and decors to design our own cupcakes!
Love the girly colours!
I love my cupcake so much that I took photographs of all the pretty angles of my cupcake!

Not only cupcake making session, we had free flow of desserts and ice cream!
It was a pampering day for my sweet tooth!

Crazy afternoon with the girls!
Made new friends!
Too bad I’m not young anymore, if not, I will sure to camwhore at the party nonstop!
Why leh?
Because there were cute props for us to play with while taking photos!

and we had games, all bloggers were divided into 6 teams to come up with 6 different designs.
All 6 designs were like jigsaw puzzle, placed them altogether, it’s "WOW" !

And of course, we left the party with goodies!

Now here’s your chance to grab a FREE sample of the new innovative-designed sanitary pad!

Don’t forget your WOW code is "AGES" !

Official Product Launch will be on 13 Sept 2010


2 thoughts on “Be WOW!

  1. Hello!
    I was surfing the net for wow blogger party and i came across your blog. I was there too! 🙂
    Btw, are you sunkisstiffy form cozycot? 🙂

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