Busy Like An Ant!

Had a busy time!
Two happening events happened over the weekend!  Yet to blog about it though.

Sat: Attended the WOW party, interesting stuff for the girls coming up by Kotex!

Sun: Attended Niu Er lao shi at his beauty talk workshop on KOSE products.
Lotsa skincare tips with immediate results! I’ve recorded two videos, will upload them soon!
Gonna take a while for me to blog about these two events!

And oh, if you can give me a few seconds of your time,
kindly drop me a comment in my blog entry -> here, which has been submitted to
Aqualabel contest "Unravel Your Blogging Power".

I almost lost my qualification for it because I missed to submit my entry before deadline.
I remembered I did,
must be the internet connection or crankiness from Facebook which gives a slow hard time at night.

Luckily I am still in the contest, just that I’ve got marks deducted due to late submission..
sounds like submitting report eh? lol

So please drop me a comment, question on the products etc..?

Be nice to me, I’ll be double nice to you!



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