Love My Lips!

It’s time to care for your lips!

Most of us (including me) will tend to neglect our lips and focus on the face, which is bad bad bad.
One reason is because no matter what we apply on our lips, usually in less than an hour or so, everything on the lips will be gone, evaporated, dissolves into our saliva, or eaten up by ourselves without knowing?

It can be a hassle to keep visiting the washroom to touch up, some of us don’t touch up in public, while some don’t have a mirror in the bags all the time.

Which is why when comes to lipgloss and lip balm, i’ll choose lip balm for convenience, especially lip balm which is colourless! I don’t have to worry about messing my lips while applying without a mirror. And colourless lip balms make touching up in public done in a swift, no one will notice in that 2 seconds!

Here’s 5 lip balms proudly sponsored by The Sample Store & Mentholatum!

The orange-mango scent is simply sweet!
And yep, i’ve got a sweet tooth and of course i’ll take Orange-Mango!
Love the orange packaging, gives me the sunshine cheery mood everyday!


Contest Time!
"Try the Mojitate Kiajitsu & Deep Moist lipbalms today too & share your experience story to stand to win attractive prizes! Available at any Watsons outlets near you!”

What you need to do?

Post your experience/review onto The Sample Store facebook wall.

Contest period: 16 August 2010 – 17 October 2010
3 winners will be selected!
So do come up with a very creative review of your own ya!
Good luck!

Last but not the least,
I have submitted my entry to TheSampleStore FB
please click on my photo with your "likes" can? Many thanks!

Free registration & FREE samples!

Samples arrive at your doorstep, you don’t have to leave the house whether it’s a rainy day or a sunny day!


4 thoughts on “Love My Lips!

  1. Dunno why i can’t see some of the pics in this entry. 😦
    But anyway, so true about the ‘less than 1 hr and everything dissolve!’.
    Me ish super lazy to go and touch up 1. haha…. love this entry!

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