Super Skincare Charging System by Sink, Saturate, Seal!

2 key ingredients in the Super Skincare Charging System are the Aqua Synergy and Moist Aqua Keeping Base. There 2 key ingredients are available in the whole range of Aqualabel products.

Aqua Synergy

Aqua Synergy Oil & Water blends Deeper moisture penetration Max level of moisture achieved

One of the reasons why sometimes moisture is unable to be fully absorbed into the skin is because of oil sebum on the skin. Inorder to overcome this, Aqualabel has come up with this ingredient, Aqua Synergy, which has the property to blend with water & oil. When water and oil are ‘bonded’ together, moisture will be allowed to be penetrated deeply into the skin. In other words, maximum level of moisture penetration can be achieved!

Moist Aqua Keeping Base

Max level of moisture achieved Moist Aqua Keeping Base Provides moisture & Seals moisture

To really have the maximum level of moisture being absorbed into the skin, keeping the skin moisturized as long as possible, we need a ingredient to provide moisture and at the same time locks the moisture. Moist Aqua Keeping Base has this property! Aqua Keeping Base contains Double Hyaluronic Acid which helps to provide high moisture level and at the same time enhancing firmness of the skin.

Incase you’ve missed it, my earlier blog entry of the blue range is here, brief entry on red range is here

Alright, back to the workshop which I’ve attended. This time, I was given the opportunity to try out the red range.
There are 2 skincare regimens each of for day & night. I did the night skincare regimen.

Click on image for bigger view

it’s not oily for my combination skin, and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth after cleansing.
When the Creamy Oil Cleansing gets in contact with water during wipe off, it turns white.
Below are 4 observations which I noted down!

Video (demonstrated by Stella) recorded by me at the workshop, hope i didn’t leak out any trade secret here!!
ATTENTION: While you are removing the mask sheet from your face, please remove it from the chin upwards to the forehead.
You won’t want to have saggy skin right?!

That’s all for the night skincare regime which I’ve tried from Aqualabel Moisturizing Range.
For those with dry skin, you should try it!
Time to quench your skin’s thirst!

Happy pampering the face!

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This entry is actually a write up on what I have learnt at the workshop held specially for all bloggers who are competing in the Unravel Your Blogging Power Contest by Aqualabel.

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Drop me any comment about my entry, ask me any questions about the aqualabel products etc.
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16 thoughts on “Super Skincare Charging System by Sink, Saturate, Seal!

  1. Nice photos. I read one of your shopping buys that you bought alot of fancl cleansing oil, which is better? fancl or aqualabel?

    • Hi FlowerGal.
      yea, i am a fan of Fancl MCO all this.
      In terms of texture and emulsification, i prefer fancl mco to aqualabel’s CO. fancl MCO is thicker in texture while AQ’s CO is slightly watery. both are able to remove my eyemakeup, but AQ’s CO is cheaper, so i guess i will be switching to AQ’s CO after i finish my fancl MCO. =D
      give AQ’s CO a try, it’s affordable and worth trying!

  2. Jiayou!
    Hi babe,
    Like your post! Keep it up! I strongly believe you will be able to go thru next round. Jiayou!

  3. hello..
    Hi Tiffy,
    What a colorful and detailed post you have got..
    Hope you advance to the next stage and invite me to your private party…and most importantly hope you get into top 3 ultimately(”,)
    Jiayou o~
    Best Wishes

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