Shopping Buys

Bought these sometime ago!

Bought this Kate Spade wristlet from HauteAvenue Sale held sometime ago at M-Hotel.
That sale was a disappointment, almost everything were going at SGD400…
When I saw this wristlet going at SGD89, I just had to get it no matter what!

Few weeks later, LoveThatBag has a sale at Suntec. The sale was scheduled to start at 12nn.
The venue was so near my work place and no matter what, I must go!
I managed to find the shortest route from my office to suntec, reached the queue in less than 10mins!

Bought this handbag at only SGD330. Mad love!




Interior view:

I hope these will be my last buys on Kate SpadeCoach, I can’t help but whenever there is such sale around, I will rush and get something no matter what! grrrr!

And incase you want to know, LoveThatBag is having another sale at Suntect Rm 302 on 22nd Aug 2010 Sunday, 10am to 6pm!

Question: Will I be there??


2 thoughts on “Shopping Buys

    • lol!! reebonz is addictive sia!
      luckily it is always launching at 12noon when i don’t have access to it at that time. keke!
      anyway burberry leather goods are a classic and no matter what design, it’s a good buy! a brand which is worth to invest your shopping money at!

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