Unravel The Blogging Power!

picture credits to Aqualabel

Saw the above contest at Aqualabel‘s Facebook, the prizes are so tempting that I participated in the contest at the very last minute. Am glad I made it in time!

Missed the fun at NAC Watsons on the 14th, but nevertheless, I had mine on the 15th.
Audition took place at Ngee Ann City Watsons. There was a lady at the booth and she explained to me what I was supposed to do inorder to join this contest. I was feeling excited over it.

I brought along one of my favourite picks from Aqualabel,
White Up Base, and took a portrait shot of myself with it.


Aqualabel White Up Base, 40ml, SGD24.90

  • Makeup base for easy application and long lasting finish.
  • Corrects dark spots, uneven colorations, and dullness, achieving luminous skin.
  • Aqua synergy technology formulated with a moisture-retaining ingredient.
  • SPF25 PA+

One of the reasons why this product leaves me a deep impression is because, during the workshop, when I first pouring out the White Up Base to feel the texture, I noticed dilute watery liquid instead of evenly beige liquid. It was weird and I thought the product was spoilt or finishing.

Then the staff from Aqualabel came to me and explained to me why that happened.
Oh well, blame on my blurness, I was supposed to give the bottle a shake before using!! LOL

Here’s how the texture looks like once I’ve shaked it.

The White Up Base is really light on my face, not oily on my oily/combination skin.
I’ll just take an appropriate amount and spread evenly over my entire face, to ensure the UV protection is sufficient! Yes, it comes with SPF 25 PA +. It’s fragrance-free and dermatologist tested.

After applying White Up Base, application on my liquid foundation and loose powder are so much smoother and makeup is able to last longer.

And what’s more, it only costs SGD24.90, and right now Watsons are having promotion on Aqualabel, White Up Base is now selling at SGD12.50! It’s a great deal, not to be missed!

To find out more about the rest of the range from Aqualabel,
here‘s my write up.

 Enjoy the goodness of AquaLabel!


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