[Review] Elishacoy Organic Facial Essence Mask – Whitening

Here’s an review of the organic mask sheet which I have tried out recently from Elishacoy.

Packaging is more or less similar to most mask sheets.
Comes in a box of 5 pcs.
There’s no plastic sheet folded with the mask sheet.
It is pretty thin and I have to gentle in opening up the mask sheet.
Lots of essence because "essence contained in one sheet of Elishacoy Mask includes 25g!"
That’s really alot and definitely penetrates deep into the skin and vitalizes it!

Before & After

My say!

I personally don’t see any significant results in the whitening,
but the essence definitely makes my face feel very much hydrated.
After masking followed by massaging the essence into my face, my face does feel a little sticky.
So what I do is, I apply my usual night moisturizer on top of the essence.
This method isn’t really too rich for my skin as I have dry cheeks area.
Why I still like the mask is  because, the next day when I wake up, my skin feels supple and looks radiant.
Radiance results maybe temporary but prolong usage will probably show some improvements on the dull skin / uneven skintone skin.

About the mask!

It’s all about organic and natural essence.

  • containing natural vegetable essence
  • quick absorption into the skin
  • leaves skin feeling light and freshed
What makes this mask different from other mask?

Retailing Price: SGD22.90
Available at John Little and www.secretive.sg

Screen shots above are extracted from secretive.sg


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