[Review] Mentholatum Acnes Skincare (Free Redemption For You!)

Here’s a 3-step skincare set proudly sponsored by Mentholatum Acnes and Fr3b!
Consists of:

  • Creamy Wash SGD6.90
  • Powder Lotion SGD6.90
  • Acnes Sealing Gel SGD6.90
Have been trying this 3-piece set and am supposed to share my thoughts with my readers.


Creamy Wash
Creamy Wash is a cleanser, which I have tried it last year. I gave a short review on it.
The texture is watery, I wasn’t used to using it initially, but the texture didn’t stop me from continue using it.
I have got very oily t-zone but with dry cheeks, therefore I only used Creamy Wash once every two days because I didn’t want my cheeks to dry further.

This cleanser is supposed to remove oil sebum from oily skin, most oily skin causes Acnes/pimples, and hence a good cleanser is a must. This time round, there isn’t any pimple through my whole trial, am glad for that. It is easily foamed and cleanse my face as per normal. My skin fells refreshing after use.

Highly recommended for teenagers and adults who are prone to acnes!

Video: Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash

Picture credits to Fr3b

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