[Review] Jurlique Body Exfoliation Gel

A skin smoothing exfoliating gel for the body, rich in herbal antioxidants and gentle walnut shell to lift away dead skin cells and impurities to reveal smooth, soft and more radiant skin.


Had a hand pampering session at Jurlique.
This pampering session consists of a hand scrub, together with massage, and a moisturizing cream.

I am very impressed by the scrub, results were immediate, obvious!

Just to share my experience, upon my arrival, BA prepared a seat for me, with some pampering products on the table for me.

My pampering session started off with a hand scrub using the Body Exfoliating Gel.
I swear that this body scrub is a must-have, it’s going to take over my ex-HG TheBodyShop scrubs!

It is in gel texture, relatively thick but not too hard to spread across my hand.
While exfoliating, BA did some massage on my hand as well.


As the scrub is slowly being massaged on my hand, it becomes beads and seeds!
And finally some beads become very fine sand, I could just swipe them off with my hands!

Results: my hand felt so smooth and soft, even till now which is like 3 hours plus since my session!
The most roughest area on my hand is my elbow, but after the scrub, goodness!
My Elbow became so smooth and soft!! Very amazing!

Here’s a pic of my elbow!

I highly recommend this product to whoever who loves scrubs, this is definitely a must-try and must-have.

Comes in Size: 300ml/10.1 fl.oz.
Retailing at SGD70 at Jurlique Counters.

Back to my session, after my scrub, BA apply moisturizing cream on my hand.
Jurlique body care lotions come in a few scents.
I chose Lavender which is light and calming after a day at work.
BA realized my skin was very dry and hence applied quite an amount on my hand, hence OI did felt some stickiness, which was not really up to my liking.
But guess what, one hour later, my hand felt smooth and very moisturized!

Go try it yourself!


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