Thanks For Your Support!

Finally done with my giveaways for my supportive readers who participated in the recent L’Oreal Contest.
I had been rather busy with my life, took such a long time to get back to them.
Am glad they were very patient with me.
Many thanks Girls!

Photo attached above are the stuff which I need to give / need to pack for my 10 lucky winners!
Haha, had purposely blur out the image!
Some items may be easily recognized, some are not, surprise surprise surprise!
But there is one common item among the ten of them, hehe!

Anyway, for those who wonder what’s inside the hamper worth SGD50..
Here’s what I have extracted from the winner’s (Seraphic.O) blog.

"Some brochures of their products – Revitalife & Renewal Lash Serum
A sample of Hair Night Essence
A Volume Shocking waterproof Mascara
A Gel black eyeliner

Photo credits to Seraphic.O

Alrighty! Shall get back to my packing and prepare to mail the giveaway goodies out tomorrow!

For those who have missed out this little "Give-Away-For You",
not to worry, I will be giving out lip balms (Proudly Sponsored by Elizabeth Arden) soon!

Stay Tuned!


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