Shape Run 2010

back from run! it was good and the weather was good!
but the queue was horrible before i left.
queues were everwheree!

and i had two idiots trying to let their 3 other friends to cut into the biotherm queue! wth and bloody hell! i confronted them nicely and they didn’t even know what they were queueing for! in the end the 3 got embarrassed and replied they were not queueing for the biotherm facial wash.. but before they left, they asked for samples though the staff told them only those who did the facial wash would be entitled to samples. :blah: g.i.a.n p.e.n.g!

one of their id tag is number 7602!
i don’t give face to these idiots! they deserved to be shamed! so much for being educated!

anyway, here’s the goodies which we all received!
last year’s goodie bag was more yummy than this’s!
we pay more but receive less, πŸ˜†

the bracelet is so much more prettier than last year‘s!

I guess Biotherm is the most popular sponsors among the participants? πŸ˜†


4 thoughts on “Shape Run 2010

  1. I cant believe I missed 2 years of registration. hahahah.. last year’s bag was wayyy nicer! And the finisher metal is a bracelet? So pretty! Can I join you for next year’s? πŸ™‚

    • yah, last year bag was better, not sure why this year is that flimsy one. infact the registration fee this yr was so much more than last year’s, ended up our goodies were lesser, probably because they had Biotherm, more ex bahz~
      yep, that’s a metal bracelet, looks nicer than last year i feel. =)
      sure sure, join me next year~ but i am not a fast runner ar, whenever shape run is over, i tend to rest many months.. and my stamina is back to normal again, lol

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