More Goodies From Fr3b!

Met Elfaine just now and she was so thoughtful enough to pass me my goodies along for a group discussion!
Save my trouble of travelling to their current Sampling Store to collect the goodies!
What’s my goodies?

Oh well~

Was one of the Top 20 referrals for the month of June in Fr3b Top Referral Contest!
And was rewarded with a box of Hada Labo Mask Sheets!!


Other than that, I was give a 3-piece skincare kit from Acnes to try out their products and do a review on it.
Previously I have tried their cleansing gel, not bad for my skin, and throughout that particular month, there was not a single pimple appearing on my face! Hehe!

If you’re also interested to try out the products above (in samples packaging if I am not wrong),
Check this out!

FREE Registration & FREE samples!
Samples arrive at your doorstep, you don’t have to leave the house!


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