OMG! Bruise Eye Look!

Been playing with my mineral eye colours from Eye Rockz today.
I love the 5 colours which I have opted, had a hard time to choose which to apply today.
Finally I chose 3 colours, Girly, Frosty Lilac and Clear Bay!

I chose Clear Bay as my base colour, weird I know, but who cares, I am playing okay!
The colours were so easily picked up by my brush.
Just a simple dabbing, my brush already picked up the powder.

Pardon my poor makeup skills!
Next I chose Girly and Frosty Lilac!

The colours are really very pigmented, for a newbie to eye makeup, I have to start off by picking very small amount, and dab off some from my brush before applying onto my eyelids.
Very easy to pick and dab, blend, play around and create a unique look of your own!
It’s worth to check out these mineral eye colours from Eyerockz because they contain no harmful ingredients, all eye colours are made in a natural way.
At the end of my ‘playing session’, I almost burst out laughing! My eyes looked bruised somehow! LOL
I think I have applied to high on my eyelids. Anyway the 3 colour combi are supposed to match with my maxi dress!
I still have two other colours to play with!
Will review on that few days later ya! *busy busy*

Well, if you like the to try out the colours, now is a good time!

Eye Rockz has a 10% discount promo code for my readers (YOU) here!
You will just need to go their their website, choose the colours you want to buy, and before checking out the shopping cart, enter this promo code "SASSYDOLLROCKZ10".

Discount code is only applicable with the following condition:
:: A minimum purchase of SGD8 for readers residing in SG.
:: A minimum purchase of SGD15 for readers residing overseas.

So many colours for you to choose from!

pic credits to Eye Rockz


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