M0re G00dies!


Got a couple of goodies here, all at FREE-of-Charge!

First, i attended a focusgroup by Ginvera, we discussed about their coming up new packaging which is in purple! if you have noticed, other than Marvel Gel and Jade Roller for the eyes which are kinda popular, the rest of the Ginvera skin packaging (Nutri White) are in gold/white, which is really plain and boring.
Right now they are in the midst of preparing a new packaging targeting consumers who are into whitening and anti-aging.

Anyway, the new purple packaging should be out in July-August, so do keep a lookout for it ya!
Their whitening skincare are not bad actually, based on the reviews i heard from the other ladies who attended the focus group. for myself, i have only tried the mask sheets which i find the average, not really a must-have beauty product for me.

Here’s 3 products i was given at the end of the session,

After that, i headed to CozyCot Ninki-O Store to collect my Essential hair serum.


there’re two types of serum, i choose the pink one, anti-frizz!
About Essential Nuance Airy Anti-Frizz Serum
High Purity Honey Oil & Ultra Shine Essence
Intensive Leave-On Treatment, especially for the last 15cm
Hair stays smooth and bouncy all day!
:: Instantly repairs and protects damaged hair surface, especially the last 15cm, which is easily dried out due to chemical treatments, blow-drying and UV rays.
::High Purity honey Oil provides deep moisture.
:: Ultra Shine Essence gives ahir a long-lasting shine.
:: Widl Rose Essence keeps hair soft and moisturized.
:: Easily absorbed with no oily after-feel.
:: Made in Japan!


I have tried the hair serum, it’s really good! non-sticky, non oily!
Infact my hands don’t really feel sticky / oily after applying the serum on my hair!
Smells nice too, but the scent is not very long lasting for me!
Love it, it is really effective in taming my frizzing ends!
Throughout the whole day, my hair feels soft and smooth!
Packaging-wise is not bad, easy to pump and each amount i pumped is just enough for me!
At the sametime, the stuff have me my sample redemptions of the day!

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