Bandage Dress In Nude!!

I haven’t been buying much from those popular blogshops recently, getting tired of all the "Fastest Finger First" competition, waiting anxiously for invoice and verification etc, but all these will not stop me from online shopping ya, infact i am now starting to look around at smaller blogshops which usually provide me faster replies and verifications. i don’t even have to worry that the piece which i want will be snapped out easily.

Got to know some week back. During their most recent collection, i bought a bandaged dress which cost SGD26 inclusive of normal mail and COP when asked.


This is my first time dealing with them and it’s definitely worth raving about their CS here!

Invoice and payment verification came to me on the very same day when i replied, fast ya!

And i received my parcel within 2 days via normal mail.
When i saw the parcel, i realized the postage paid by Chicadale was SGD1.50. wow! that’s a lot, probably because my dress was a little more heavier than normal dress. then again, i didn’t have to pay for the postage! which means to say $26 – $1.50 = $24.50!! my dress only cost $24.50?! that was so cheap!! the material/quality of the dress definitely worth more than that amount!!

Glad that a return address was written behind the parcel which was wrapped with scotch-tape all over the perimeters and corners. i was unable to tear open my parcel and had to use scissors! lol! but at least i don’t have to worry about torn packaging during posting!

after opening up my parcel, the nude colour of my dress melted me!! the colour was a little bit darker than the colour on their website, but it was alright for me, already anticipated that  because of the studio lights! my dress was nicely folded too!
I was surprised that the plastic sheet used to protect my dress was of high-quality ones, not those crumpled and thin ones from supplier.
Not sure if this is their own personal plastic or happened to be used by the supplier.
Here’s how my dress look! it is mad mad mad love!!!
Material is spandex/lycra, thicker then the usual clothes i bought from BC/HVV/HH.
Definitely not sure and it didn’t even show up my VPL!

i can pull up the bandage area slightly high to make have a pong pong feel…

or pull it lower to have it worn as per normal…

i totally love the weaved neckline!

Here’s how the back of the neckline looks like, it’s so pretty with a hole!

Paying SGD26 for this dress is a great buy for me!
Am now looking forward to future collections!

4 thoughts on “Bandage Dress In Nude!!

    • gota read through their measurements clearly lo.. it maybe too short if you are tall. i am only 1.6m and used to wearing short, so it’s okay for me.
      i think you can ask for the neck circumference, for me, the neckline is just nice for me only.

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