I “Created” A Shocking Bruise…

If you know me well enough, I am a blur person, tend to knock onto something at least once a month. But it’s usually small knocks. This time round, I have got a serious one.
Half of 2010 is over and just when I realized I haven’t done any shocking stuff so far, I "created" a shocking bruise.

It was a knock on the corner of my coffee table when I bent forward to take photos. Just when I bent, my back thigh knock onto the corner of the coffee table.

Upon my knock, I couldn’t move because of the pain. it’s like when you accidentally hit your last tiny toe when you make a turn. I could feel it’s a little swollen that night but I just ignored it.
The next day, it turned horrible!!

Day 1,

Day 2 (today),

When I sit, I have to sit gently, land hardly on the chair is a no no to me now.
The bruise is as big as a baby’s fist. terrible can.
Gonna massage the bruise this weekend to "spread" the clogged blood, I can foresee a bigger bruise after the massage.



6 thoughts on “I “Created” A Shocking Bruise…

  1. Ouch
    Babe, thats is super duper painful looking bruise you have there. And I thought mine was bad when I closed the car door twice into my calves! Twice on the same leg, same spot. haha…

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