Happy Day 3 – Pamper Pretty Me

I had a pampering session sponsored by Whiper at Beauty Empire. All thanks to Belinda and Audrey for the treats! they were so friendly and it was fun chatting with them. It was also through them did I realize another salon for pampering myself during my PMS days!

We all know we have different moods on the different days in each month,and tend to be super moody during PMS. Oh well, no matter what, we still have to face the moods and terrible days, so why not we try to do something to pamper ourselves during those bad days?

I was told that one special day of the month, we can have very nice hair, and on another day of the month, our skin will look radiant and glowly even with minimal makeup. For me, there will be 1-2 days in each month where I will have super big appetite. The main reason behind is due to our hormones change.
There are times no matter what our boyfriends tease us, we will still smile and not taking their words to hearts. But there can be another day with the same tone and words coming out from the men and we will get to furious and angry about! haha, that’s women, us!

So next time, when you feel you have a bad day, or when you can forsee the bad day is coming, remember to pamper yourself with some loves!

Belinda’s guide to the Beauty Empire was very clear and I managed to find the place easily despite it’s my first visit. Ersine Rd signage was actually covered by the trees but luckily the keywords "behind Maxwell Market" got me there.
Another keywords Belinda gave, "next to Scarlet Hotel". Seriously, I didn’t know there was a Scarlet Hotel despite staying in Sg for so many years! =.=
Along the stretch, Beauty Empire was found! 

Beauty Empire
was like a 3-4 sized shops, which provides beauty services!
I was first treated with a 30-45 mins of back massage. The massage was fantastic ya!
Not only my back, even my arms, wrists, hands, spine were all massaged! I enjoyed it totally, the strength was just nice for me, it such a relazxing session!

This is the massage oil which was used, it sure made me feel calm and soothing throughout the session!
After my massage, I was treated with eyebrow trimming. It was a fast and quick session, the BA was rather experienced and gave some tips on how to maintain my eyebrow shapes.

Then my last pampering treat was manicure!

Like most beauty salons, Beauty Empire has got so many colours for me to choose!
Despite meeting Belinda and Audrey for the first time, we talked like we were old friends! I am so looking forward to meeting them again! and oh yes, Lynn and her friend were there too! and it was coincidence that 3 of uf has the same slot! nice!
Interested what colours the babes and I had on our nails? I’ll post them up later when I received the pics ya!

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