[Review] Lancome Blanc Expert Bio-Cellulose Mask


Here’s a short review on the Bio-Cellulose Mask from Lancome Blanc Expert skincare range.

The photos here are not the actual mask sheets but just a tester for me to test and feel the texture, see the results from this mask.

There’s quite a bit of essence in the mask sheet, slightly dilute-thick (like serum) in white.

There’s also abit of thickness on the mask.
it’s very different from other mask sheets which we can get from drugstores.
Because of the thickness, the mask is like slightly opaque membrane/cellulose material if i have used the correct works?

After removing the mask sheet from the packaging, I was able to see the essence..
I applied them on my neck. =D


Trying out this mask sheet on the back of my hand…
Recommended to wait for about 10-15mins, not more than15mins ya, if not your skin will be dry instead of moisturized.

If you do a bit of google on the word "Bio-Cellulose", you will realize that the ingredients in this mask are very good ingredients, like lightening scar, healing cuts…

Here’s the leftover essence on my hand after removing the mask,

I massaged the remaining essence on my hand till it’s not so sticky and sort of being partially absorbed.
I mentioned "partially absorbed" because probably the essence was too much for me, i didn’t manage to have the essence fully absorbed into my skin.

Any remaining essence, were massaged into my neck and legs.
By the time i was done with my neck and legs, i looked at my hand again, and woahz!
I saw some brightening/whitening on the area where the mask was earlier.
The mask also left a light calming scent on my skin. *nice*

I am going to get the full-sized box (consists of 6 pcs) soon!

Love whitening masks!


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