[Review] Heroine Make BB Cream

Here’s how the texture looks like, it’s in quite a light shade, probably only suitable for those with fair skin if you are going to use it as a foundation.
For those with dark skintone, i will suggest use a minimum amount as a make up base.


Below photos:
Left: Photo taken before applying BB cream.
Right: Photo taken after applying the BB Cream from Heroine Make.
Some colour deficiency here, due to the angle and distance I held my camera when taking the photos.
In real life, the BB cream shade didn’t really make me so fair/pale. But may not be suitable for those who has very tanned skin.

I am sure you can see that my dark circles are pretty serious. But in this review, I didn’t use any concealer, the BB cream somehow managed to conceal, probably because of sufficient sleep the night before.

And after the BB cream, I just touched up with my own loose powder. I personally feel there is a need to apply loose powder because after applying the BB cream, my skin felt a little sticky and inorder to overcome the stickiness, loose powder will do the trick. In Heroine Make BB Cream, two-way cake is not really recommended to be applied on top of the BB cream, incase the overall look will be too cakey.

i did some eyemakeup using Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner, two highly raved mascaras from Heroine Make and some eyeshadow makeup.

I was not able to fully hide my freckles because I didn’t use concealer on freckles and I didn’t apply additional layers/amount BB cream on the freckles as well, I just applied equally as on the rest part of my face.

Here’s my final FOTD,

Beautiful Skin Must Hide The 7 Skin Problems!
Unsightly pores, freckles, spots, dullness, unwanted shine, dryness and sunburn all prevent our skin from looking radiant and smooth.
Providing high coverage in a light texture, Essence in BB Cream hides the blemishes from sight and absorbs excess sebum.
Contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, and natural extracts for additional skincare properties!

Heroine Make BB Cream is now available at Watsons and Sasa, retailing at SGD21.90.


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