Blogshop Runway Shootout – Part [1]

On 28 May 2010, a happening event happened at FEP Atrium afternoon. The whole afternoon was all about looking pretty and retaining memories for being pretty. Well, it’s the Blogshop Runway Shootout presented by Panasonic and Majolica Majorca! it was a fun afternoon with prizes, games, shows for everyone!

The event started off with Majolica Majorca sharing with us the tips on makeup using the makeup collections from Majolica Majorca. A live makeup demo with a model was presented to us.

After that, we had speaker from Panasonic to show us useful tips in photography.


After the show, whoever answered the asked questions got to win something, and i won myself a SGD10 voucher to shop at TSR. The good thing about the voucher was that, no minimum purchase was required.

Not only that at the end of the Runway Shootout, I did a catwalk with another girl, and both us walked away with a dress from Foggiare!

Alrighty, now let me showcase you the clothes that were modeled at the event. All in all I have taken 97 shots on the clothes and it’s too much for me to upload at one go. I will blog about it in 5 entries ya!
Some shots were on the back view but it was rather hard for me to capture in close shots, by the time my camera was ready, the models would have walked back to the stage. =( So pardon me for the small back view shots.

Here you go, Part [1]!

That’s end of Part [1] of the Runway Shootout!
*To be continued with Part [2]*

I am sorry that I couldn’t remember which apparels were from which Blogshops.
Below are the blogshops which have taken part in this Runway Shootout.
You may want to check them out to see if those above shots which caught your attention belong to which BS. So sorry! =(

Playground Warriors
The Robot Ninjas
The Scarlet Room


2 thoughts on “Blogshop Runway Shootout – Part [1]

    • hihi!!
      I haven’t try my floral dress! lol!
      but i have tried the corset skirt, nice!! but am having a bit of problem, am not sure what kind/colour of top to pair with the floral skirt. =(

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