Majolica Majorca Chapter 27 – Dream A Dream

this summer is all about dreams and romance in Majolica Majorca Chapter 27!

i almost melted when i saw the collections from Chapter 27!

i realize the e/s palette are all in the form of a small booklet! so pretty!

pink and purple pouches for the summer theme!
Chapter 27 eyeliners, called the Perfect Automatic Liners, come in purple and white but the white is not pure white, it has a bit of pale pink tint.
and of course, one of the highly raved items from MJ is the mascara!
for this summer, Chapter 27 Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On comes in purple, limited edition!
i had a trial on Chapter 27 in the workshop room specially prepared for bloggers and guests.
the workshop was full house! wow!
as usual, we had a live demo before our hands-on session.
here’s some stuff which were placed on the table for us to play with!
i had so much fun with my friends!

some photos to share on the live demo!
putting on Skin Lingerie Pore Cover and Foundation…
applying eye brow liner…
eyeshadow application, Chapter 27 comes with the e/s,

here’s the eye makeup results on the model! Blooming Dream Eyes in Midnight Dream!
so pretty! i love the white eyeliner at the bottom eyeline!
in Chapter 27, we have two different eyeshadow palettes, Mid-day Dream and Midnight Dream, both are in limited editions!! the packaging is like mini booklet, uber cute!!
let me share with you 4 steps in using the e/s from Chapter 27.
i will use Mid-day Dream as an example here..
placing the palette in the orientation shown in the picture below, you will know which to apply first, we are going by clockwise directions on the colours on the palette.

Take up an Eye Base on your fingers and smooth over your entire upper eyelids.


take up an appropriate amount of Nuance Colour on your fingertips or an application top and blur it from the inner eye corner to the center of the upper eyelid.


Take up Shadow Colour on your fingertips or an application tip and blur it out from the outer eye corner of the upper eyelid and blend it well into the Nuance Colour

Using your fingertips, apply Eye Gloss thinly along the lower lash line.

Use of a cotton swab, eyeliner brush, or application tip is recommended.
after that you can play with your eyeliner and mascara!
and viola, you’re done!
and now, here’s some photos which i have taken on some of the products i played with at the workshop.

i touched on the Skin Lingerie Pore Cover, after applying, my skin felt like just applying two-way cake! it’s not oily, and sticky, neither it is creamy on my skin.

i also played with the Perfect Automatic Eyeliner which comes in two colours, Flower Spell (violet) and Sap Spell (pearl), in limited editions!!
gota twist and turn for the "ink" to be released. it’s abit similar to liquid eyeliner to me. you will have to wait for it to dry before blinking your eyes, if not, heh heh, your upper eyelids will be smudged.

finally i am touching on the Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On mascara which comes in only one colour, Violet Magic! limited edition and costs only SGD19.90, so grab it fast ya! it’s terrific in creating volumes, just like their other mascaras. it’s not bad, doesn’t clump my eyelashes, no smudging! in terms of removing it, yep, eyemakeup cleansing oil is a must. 

my guest and i walked home with a something from MJ!


4 thoughts on “Majolica Majorca Chapter 27 – Dream A Dream

    • hihi!!
      i am part of a group of e-fluencers in beauty products. this group consists of bloggers and ladies who are active in the forum on beauty products, it’s through the in-charge that we are alternately invited to workshops by a few beauty brands. some of the workshops, we are a allowed to bring a friend (guest), some don’t. if you’re interested, i can invite you along if there is one coming up!
      i brought felicia along to Chapter 27! lynn was brought along by another blogger. =D
      i think some watsons (NAC) have the MJ pdts but some are oos, if you can wait, then wait for its official launch! the stocks at the shiseido office is now pretty low right now.

  1. i think i saw these during the watson member preview sales at compasspt .. was interested with them but thinking of getting in only in jun since is my birthday mth so i will get double the points? hehe…
    but i dun see it ytd at ion watson…so when is the official launch?
    am interested with Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On mascara in violet and the e/s palette in purple hehe

    • the official launch should be next week or the week after next, right now, i only know watsons at Taka has it, but stocks maybe low, read from the MJ thread that Compass point also has it.
      happy birthday to you and to me!! hehe!
      the purple e/s is really pretty!! the purple eyeliner matches v well with the e/s! =D

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