[Review] Maquillage Nail Polish BE748

can’t wait anymore to try my latest nail polish from Maquillage! got it at only SGD7 from Shiseido Sale which i went yesterday.

it’s so easy and smooth to apply on my nails even though i am not an expert in painting my own nails.
the colour is nude and i feel i am falling in love with nude nail polish! i ❤ the bottle of Maquillage nail polish, the quartz is pretty!

for those who are interested, today’s the last day for the sale, till 8pm.


2 thoughts on “[Review] Maquillage Nail Polish BE748

    • i think it’s because the colours of the nail polishes are mostly beige, brown or some dull colours, that’s why didn’t manage to get your lem. =)
      maybe keep a lookout during metro sale (or JL, can’t remember which)? i remembered i ever bought a nail polish from shiseido during the expo sale when they had a counter overthere.

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