Back From Shiseido Sale!

2nd day heading to town early in the morning, managed to reach at about 9am and a short queue was already formed when i reached. am so glad i came early and was one of the first ten to enter the shopping hall.

the staff from Shiseido were all so friendly and helpful despite the huge crowd, same question like "how much is this one, how much is that one" being asked again and again. they were really very patient!

though the sale started at 10am, when i entered, the shopping hall was already crowded with helpers which was good, at least i won’t feel so shy to step into the counters. LOL

Maquillage has the most crowd, i had to wait for like 10 mins before i could get a place infront. but then, it’s not easy, the ladies behind me kept pushing me, and i kept pushing the tables! haha!
some ladies were very helpful (including myself, ahem!) we were at the front and managed to take whatever we could to pass to the ladies behind to take a look and decide.

i almost wanted to get a mini mascara from Ettusias, took it, hugged it, and after 30mins, i put it back! haha! i have got quite a few mascaras at home lah!

Majolica Majorca and Za had for the cheapest items! some items were going at SGD5/7, and buy 3 at only SGD12.

here’s my buys, not alot but enough to cause my wallet bleeding if i keep on going to sale like this!
total damage only SGD40!!

looking forward to Shiseido sale again!

8 thoughts on “Back From Shiseido Sale!

    • haha, exactly! my wallet is like bleeding soon! but it’s so hard to resist not to go down! maybe you can try to see if there’s anything you want buy for any friends’coming birthdays? =D the expiry dates from Shiseido sales are mostly in 2012, so i think it’s worth to buy for stocking up if you don’t find the items too old.
      by the way, there will be a kate spade/coach/gucci/marc by marc jacobs sale on 29th May Sat if you one of my blog entries. haha i will be heading down!

    • seldom heard from u liao, coz i also seldom log in twitter these days. u must be busy with shifting to the new job location? hope the new environment is good.
      shiseido sale was really good, it’s a must go sale. haha. heard there are two such sales in a year? maybe you can look forward to the next one, hope it’s end of this year. =D

      • me too, i have not login to twitter for 2 wks le. coy blocked it..haha. the new job is still alright so far, but i have been getting so tired every day n slept pretty early now =(
        yes, shisedo sales seems good..hehe.
        i have bought some shisedo stuff at taka a few wks bck…and i just realise u r selling Shiseido Maquillage Stick Concealer..alamka i bought that loh. would hv buy from u if i notice it earlier. u dun like the concealer?

      • oh! healthy lifestyle to sleep early! i have problem in applying stick concealer. =(
        i always end up applying too thick and ends up looking cakey on my undereyes area. then if i apply too thin, i can’t cover my dark circles… dats y selling. =(

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