Back From Benefit Private Sale!

decided to head down to Vivo early this morning.
i was so blur to think that the sale started at 10am when infact, it was supposed to start at 10.30am.
anyway, the mailer should mention the exact location of the sale instead of just the words "beauty hall" which was so general and big! the sale was actually at a workshop room at Tangs level 1, next to Braun Buffel handbags section., i had to ask the customer service where the sale was because i tried asking the girl at Tangs door and a cashier, none of them knew about the sale. -.-

even when the sale has started, i was surprised that the door was closed at the workshop room, then who would anyone know if the room was opened or not? it was only at about 10.45am then the door was left opened and i went in. not much crowd, glad to see that. alot of varieties at the sale, so much better than the one held at Mariott Hotel sometime ago.

i must say the things at Benefit were not cheap, even after 20-50% discount, some items still selling at SGD30 over.

anyway, i got myself "Just In Case", save my hassle of bringing out so many cosmetics! after the sale discount and deducting my previous rebate, i paid SGD30 for it!


bought Benetint on behalf of a friend. Benetint wasn’t on sale but was entitled a sample of "That Gal" in a cute packaging.

that’s all for the night, heading to Shiseido Sale tomorrow! 


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