[Review] ELF Sugar Kiss Eyelash Curler

sharing my review on one of the eyelash curlers from ELF! there was a period of time when i was going gaga buying eyelash curlers including my first eyelash curler which was from Shu Uemura. it was so highly raved but still not satisfactory for me, threw it away after awhile, which was why i went on exploring other eyelash curlers.


i have previously reviewed the one Anna Sui together with Angel Eyes, so here’s another one from ELF, Sugar Kiss collection.

it comes with the spring mechanism and i love the pink handle! 

because it comes with the spring mechanism, by default when not in use, it is in a position where the handles are apart. so a plastic clasp was provided to hold on the spring and close it for easier storage.

notice that the part of curler where the rubber was? it’s kind of protruding out, much more than normal eyelash curlers. i do find it weird or rather, ugly. but then it helps alot in curling the eyelashes.

for normal eyelash curlers, we may have to curl a few times from the inner roots all the way outwards. but for this eyelash curler, because the rubber is protruding out, even if it’s just 1-2 "kiaps", the eyelash will still curl very well. not much force is needed, neither do i have to press till very long and ‘deep’.
here’s my results after curling with 2 "kiaps", no mascara applied to show the true curls.

that’s all! ciaoz!


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