Shape Run

i have been such lazy bum bum, haven’t been running since my last run at Shape Run 2009.
i used to be very enthusiastic when comes to running during my younger days. but the hectic life in university had sort of deprived me from running, and from then onwards, i no longer run!

and while working i realized my stamina was so poor that i had no choice but to pay myself to run!!
Shape Run 2009 was one of the events which i have joined, at least it motivated me to run when i saw so many ladies from all ages gathering together for this once-a-year event.

i remembered i actually woke up at 5am plus to travel to the starting point at Millenia Walk. was told to gather at 7am but stupidly, the run dragged till 8.30am or 9am then started. wasted my sleep for waking up so early.

and of course before heading out, i had a banana to give me some energy (learnt this from those who ran in the army half marathon), and a bottle of water to run with me.


this was the top which i was given in the running kit,

i still remembered marina square atrium was damn crowded during the running kit collection date. 

i took about 30mins to finish the 5km which i took part last year i know it’s so long right, what to do, poor stamina! during the run, i took 3 breaks. each break was longer than the earlier one. lol
one short break, another longer break and finally one last break which i walked the most! haha! it was only when i saw the finishing line then i ended the 3rd break.

still not so bad lah, at the end of the run, i got to hug a goodie bag home! but before i headed home, every runner was entitled to a 5-10 minutes legs massage!
here’s the goodie bag i brought home, so heavy!

and had a nice bath using the shower gel inside the goodie bag!

by the way Shape Run is back this year, the run will be in July, i have joined! have you?

Shape Run registration website:


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