Shiseido’s 40th Anniversary Party!

i feel honored to be one of the bloggers to be invited to Shiseido’s 40th Anniversary Party.
the party was held at their office.
below photo shows a partial runway where we walked through and presented with a little history of Shiseido.

Shiseido Professional since 2001…

the first station where i was introduced was their haircare! i didn’t know they have a small salon in of the rooms at the office!

Shiseido Professional
has innovative, creative and inspiring haircare and styling products. Favourite products include the all-new Prosynergy – the first anti-aging haircare in the world that reverses the aging process in hair for youthful vitality. Haircare fans can find Shiseido Professional in more than 700 salons island-wide.

Cle De Peau Beaute (key to beautiful skin) since 2001…

This premium brand offers skincare and makeup products that are necessities made of pure indulgence.

is a high-performance, comprehensive skincare regime that unleashes the power of synergy and efficacy to purify and enhance skin for tone, textures and contours that are exquisitely refined.

Indispensable to the best of celebrity makeup artists is Cle De Peau Beaute’s Base Makeup range that indulges the skin and ensures a perfect finish for true beauty unlocked.
after that, we took a look at the posters and pictures along the walls of the aisle.
below was the first poster which i saw, reminded me about Japan (the red sun) where beauty experts focus on whitening, and France (the lady) where beauty products have been well researched and to be catered to everyone’s needs.
and by the way, the colour theme for the night was red x black. =D

here are the brands which are under Shiseido!

Ettusias since 2000…

You know what?” is what Ettusias means in French. it’s an expression which the girls in France used very often, especially when they get together to share juicy happenings. Ettusias is an urban brand for young adults who care about the simple pleasures in life. Ettusiasbeauty counter adopts a minimalist approach of a French bathroom in a clean, fresh and cheerful setting.

The brand uses a rubber duck mascot to make a statement on how one of life’s little luxuries – the miraculous feel of a simple refreshing bath or clean fresh skin – can be overlooked yet can mean so much.
Tailored for young adults, Ettusias specialises in medicated skincare and makeup for adult acne as well as a medicated whitening range.
below are two of the hot-sellers in Ettusias,

AC Skincare Version Up
: A softener to prepare the skin for moisturizing and acne prevention!
AC Aqua Shooter: A refreshing lightweight oil-control moisturizer

Ettusias website:

Za since 1997…

Za is a cosmetic brand designed for the young urban girls who want to express their confidence and energy with beauty. in the past, Za appointed celebrities with flamboyance, flair and funk. these inspirational ladies with unique personalities include Karen Mok (that’s when i started trying out Za, their skincare and nail polishes!), Claire Danes, Queenie Zhou and Ase Wang. today, Za appeals to vibrant, cosmopolitan women in their 20s with high-profile international models with Asian roots like Emma Pei and Jun Hasegawa to best represent the beauty of vibrant and confident Asian women. Zaaims to recharge and refresh customers everyday. the skincare and makeup are specially formulated with vitamins to charge the skin through a healthy daily regime.

Za‘s two way foundation has been the most popular and number one best-seller in the self-selection market for 11 years running. and if you recalled their latest two-way foundation was such a love!
and their recent star whitening range, Za True White Plus was a hit . all these hot favourites can be found at watsons stores.

Za website:

Majolica Majorca since 2008…

Majolica Majorca(MM) is a fairytale-inspired makeup brand that redefines fashion’s traditions by introducing each new product and range with a story chapter instead of by seasons like any other makeup brand.

her doll-like lashes and another story about the character transforming into a ravishing flower fairy inspired by Shakespear’s Midsummer’s Night Dream.

One of the hot-seller in MM is their alluring violet Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On mascara.
MM is available in Watsons stores.

Majolica Majorca website:

more pictures to share…

some very oldie photos, they really brought us lotsa memories, especially the Emporium at AMK, the place where i used to shop with mum!
saw Andy Lee?? that photo was taken in Dec 2007. =D
know what’s below? they are blushers for our cheeks! =D
the first time i heard about Shiseido skincare (many years ago), i was recommended to try their sunblock, and i did!
after using, i finally understood why it was so highly raved back then. it didn’t leave the face a white cast, didn’t cause any additional oiliness to the skin, and definitely no breakouts for all skin types. =)
Shiseido website:
after bringing us through the journey on history of Shiseido and how far this brand has come, we began our party!
took our seats and we were presented with a speech and some video clips which were testimonials, feedback, wishes for Shiseido.
each of us were then given a cup of sakae!!
for the “yum seng”! haha!
The staff from Shiseido!
we actually shouted “yum seng” in Japanese, interesting!
and here’s the food prepared by the staff! sushi, cakes, tarts etc.
everyone’s tucking into the yummy food! =D
everyone left the party with a luxurious goodie bags, time for more pampering, thanks to Shiseido!

it was such a enjoying night!



5 thoughts on “Shiseido’s 40th Anniversary Party!

    • you will have your chance! =D
      i can’t wait to use them too, but i gota wait awhile as i am trying to finish some of my current products. i will probably try out the nail polish first, haha!

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