CozyCot Ninkio Store & Membership

On 17th April 2010, CozyCot has launched her a new shopping paradise for her members at Orchard Central Level 2.

the store is spacious and the design concept gives me a japanese home feel.
most beauty products were displayed on the shelves, some are for sale, whereas some are for members redemption.

Not only beauty products, there are clothes too! CozyCot Ninkio Store is the only Sg distributor to have them in the store.


In the middle of the store, there are the displays, bags, lingerie, entertainment, hot selling beauty brands like Guerlain and Dermalogica.

I heard this range of skincare is great for oily skin, especially to teens who are going through alot of  "breakouts".
And of course the highly raved Guerlain Meteorites
This mascara was from Guerlain as well, I ever tried it before, the results were not bad, good in lengthening, comes in blue, brown and black.

During the opening day, I went to sign up for their annual membership which was SGD32.10 without any Citibank credit card membership. I have got enough of cards from Citibank, not very wise for me to sign up more just for the CozyCot membership.

pic credits to CozyCot

3 ways to sign up for CozyCot Annual Membership

[1] pay SGD32.10 without any credit cards.
[2] pay only SGD10 when you sign up for any Citibank card.
[3] Free CozyCot membership when you sign up for any Citibank card and Ready Credit.

If only there are some discounts for existing Citibank card holders. =(

Anyway, here’s some goodies given upon signing up.

pic credits to CozyCot

For those who are interested in attending exclusive events and workshops by CozyCot, join the membership and you will be entitled to the events!
Some coming up events will be strictly for the members. =)
I quite like the card design, black/pink!


Other than the goodie bags and giveaways, they have this "Free Samples" for their members to redeem daily. The samples can be in sachets, travel-sized, trial kits! Each day has different samples from the many brands for your to redeem at Free of charge! You just need to show your membership card at the Ninkio Store!

Here’s some of the stuff which I have redeemed,

Other than all the perks and freebies, members get to make use of the Sellers Central in the Forum to trade/sell/buy/swap all kinds of stuff by posting a personal thread in Sellers Central.
That’s not all, CozyCot has come up with her own newspapers reporting beauty news for all ladies out there. You can find the soft copy of the newspapers here. As for the hard copies,

pic credits to CozyCot
I am so looking forward to receiving the 2nd issue of the newspapers soon.
It has quite abit of beauty news and some "teaching" on makeup/skincare/dressing up!
The best part is that the quality of the papers is good, definitely not those which will stain our fingers black!
Being of the members, you will have the newspapers mailed right to your doorstep!

Join me today by quoting "sunkisstiffy" during your sign up, and get to win some additional goodies.


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