Chiffon Back Tiered Flouncy Dress

It’s been awhile since i last spent my miserable bit of my miserable poor money on clothes!
Oh well!! I have managed to get hold of one dress last Sunday! The dress was such a popular item during the launch and I was so glad I managed to get hold of a piece!

It’s also my first time to have a dress in a full mint (Cyan) colour, lovely!!


The dress is very comfy, material is not bad! I am wearing pink lingerie underneath and the sheerness of the dress manages to hide the pink!
i am wearing lacy bra underneath, hence the "lines" from the one of the laces is alittle obvious in the below pic. the "dot" is definitely not the *ahem*!
the translucent straps are so pretty!
here’s the backview, i am wearing strapless bra,
The dress comes with a linen. The thickness is quite acceptable!
Waistline pleats, back is smocked, luckily it is not ugly.
the length of the inner linen is quite abit shorter than the dress,
That’s all for for my review! I love my dress!


7 thoughts on “Chiffon Back Tiered Flouncy Dress

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