I went!


recall the Kate Spade/Coach sale which i have shared earlier?
oh well i went!

the sale was supposed to start 9am and when i reached at 8.30am, there was already a short queue at the cargo lift. everyone was supposed to take this cargo lift up to the warehouse room. and there was a staff at the lift to control the crowd as well.

but it was horrible, some ladies actually went up via another route, the staircase!
and ended up the warehouse room was super crowded, no space for breathing at all!

when it was my turn to get out of the lift, to my horror, there was no more space for us to walk out of the lift at all! the crowd practically took the whole space of the warehouse, everyone was waiting to go into a smaller room where the bags were there.

i was told there were already one short and neat orderly queue at 6am and the management actually let them enter before 6am! and all thanks to these people who went in early, by 9pm, practically most bags were oos and left those ugly designs!

because those early birds grabbed all the good stuff so early, there wasn’t much left for those behind to choose. and many people whined, shouted, complained to the management. the crowd was beyond control and the police had to intervene. people complained because they took the effort and reached by 9am and yet all stocks were gone just like that, very disappointing, especially to those who were squeezed and suffocated inside the warehouse while waiting to enter the small room.

while i was suffocating, i saw a few ladies came out from the small room with super big plastic bags, inside has got like 10-20 bags!! =O they bought so much, no wonder nothing left for us!

anyway, by the time i went in, Coach were all taken up and only left a few Kate Spade bags, nothing for me!! i refused to leave and was waiting for those ladies to give up some of their "held on" items. while waiting, one staff replenished one Kate Spade design right infront of me and without any hesitation, i grabbed it!

i actually despised those ladies who "held on" to like 5-6 bags on their hands! these people just grabbed and took their own sweet time to "shall i take this or that?" , "worth it or not?", "which is nicer?", "i wonder if i should take this or that for mum.." etc. such greedy idiots!

i saw someone carrying Gucci when i didn’t see one available at all! and goodness, she was carrying more than one piece!

and i feel so sorry for the management, they were scolded like nobody’s business. they tried to create a queue but no one was queueing at 9am, stocks were gone and people were whining at them.

i overheard one aunty actually shouted at one of the staff who was a very young girl (primary school), not sure what happened, but this aunty  shouted to the girl, " you have no manners and have no rights to talk to me, or tell me what to do", somtehing like that. the poor girl wanted to shout back but was stopped by another lady staff.

i guess this was their first time to organize such sale and they had not anticipate such huge crowd.

i am going to feedback to the management that they should limit the number of buys per person in their next sale.

anyway, here’s my buy, KS Classic Noel 2 Square Rudy Shoulder Bag at SGD360. =D This baby measures 13(L) x 12(H) x (4.5(W) !


4 thoughts on “I went!

    • it’s a spacious bag for me to put rojak stuff inside, hehe, like LV neverfull~
      ya, people are usually very kiasu when comes to sale. when it was almost 9am outside the lift to go up, i saw people running into the gate to join the queue! lol!

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