Prevage Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum

The below table shows you the key ingredients in the face serum and their respective benefits.

What is EPF?

We all know that one of the causes in damaging our skin is from the environment. By unleashing a cascade of free radicals in a chain reaction, creating oxidative stress in the skin. It’s a process that is triggered by sun exposure, smoke, pollution, and even our own metabolism. Like what I have mentioned in one of my earlier blog entry, just by exposing to the air, our skin is already in the process of aging. Everyone knows that using a sunscreen product helps to give the SPF protection and it is always a must no matter where we are. Based on the newest research, skincare experts believe that daily use of anti-oxidants is essential to provide complete environmental protection and help prevent visible aging signs. Recall that I have also mentioned in one of my earlier blog entries that anti-oxidant like Idebenone helps to prevent cell damage and has proven to be an effective anti-oxidant in the anti-aging skincare products.

How effective are anti-oxidants?

So now we know our skin need anti-oxidants to combact anti-aging, but there are many anti-oxidants ingredients in the market, how do we know which is better, and how does the experts measure which is the best among all?

Well, a study by a group of researchers developed the first ever protocol to compare the oxidative stress protection efficacy of various topical anti-oxidants. Researchers rate them with Environmental Protection Factor (EPF).

EPF rating is the highest standard in anti-oxidant testing because it is the only test that measures the complex, multi-dimensional aspects of free radical damage.

In this study, there was a 5-step test that measured the different aspects of anti-oxidant capability. Each test was given a value of 20, for a total of 100 points, or EPF100.

So when Idebenone was experimented to be used in Prevage Anti-aging formulas, Idebenone went through this 5-step test to see how well it can perform on skincare products.

Surprisingly Idebenone scored the highest, EPF95! Other anti-oxidants like, Alpha Lipoc Acid, Kinetin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, went through the same test, but their capabilities were not as high as Idebenone!

The 5-steps included in the test:

Sunburn Cell Assay Test:
Tested the ability of anti-oxidants to block sun damange (sun burn cells) to human skin from UV light.

Photoluminescence Test:
Measured the overall capacity healthy to quench free radicals generated in vitro by a chemical reaction.

Primary Oxidative Products:

Free radicals attack the healthy cells by breaking down the natural lipid barrier. This test measured the ability to protect lipids from breaking down when exposed to oxidative stress.

Secondary Oxidative Products:
Free radicals set off a chain reaction that can be highly damaging to skin. This test showed the capacity of anti-oxidants to block these reactions.

UVB Irradiated Keratinocytes:
UVB rays penetrate into skin and caused damage to cells that produce collagen and elastic. This in vitro test measured the capacity of anti-oxidants to block these reactions in the lab.

notice the score of EPF95? =D

That’s all for the benefits of the key ingredient , Idebenone, in Prevage anti aging skincare products!

And of by the way, not to worry about whether this range is too young for the mid-20s skin, it’s definitely suitable for you! 25 is the average age where most skin starts to age faster than those who are younger than 25! it helps to slow down aging process for sure~

How nice to hear a comment saying your skin is 26 when the actual age is 35?? haha!


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