Fr3b Locating Temporary At Kaki Bukit!

To all who have not been visiting Fr3b for the longest time!
Due to revamp of Fr3b Concept Sampling Store, the store at Stamford House will be temporary (2months) located at Kaki Bukit Enterprise One.

I must say this is a very far inconvenient place for us, but i guess this is going to be alittle sacrifice we need to make in looking forward the new Fr3b Concept Sampling Store in town again!

And Fr3b management is so nice to extend our membership for another two months, just incase some are not going to visit the store at Kaki Bukit! How nice is that!

I joined Fr3b membership on 1st August 2009, and now instead of the coming End-July for my membership to end, i get to enjoy for an additional 2 more months at their new Store in town once the revamp is over!

FREE Registration & FREE samples!
Samples arrive at your doorstep, you don’t have to leave the house!


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