Elizabeth Arden Introduces The Prevage Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum!

Proof… not promises.TM
When I was first introduced to Elizabeth Arden Prevage in Nov last year, I was feeling so excited, wondering what Prevage was all about, how this range was going to help on my skin problems which were mainly due to pigmentations, dull skin, uneven skin tone, especially when i was heading towards my late 20s. I had my trial on Prevage two skincare products, their day and night moisturizers. my reviews are here if you’re interested. =D

Now in this coming mid-May 2010, Elizabeth Arden is going to launch their Prevage Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum! so cool eh, another member to be added into the Prevage Family!
And not to forget, Elizabeth Arden is celebrating their 100 Years Anniversary, it is to commemorate their 100 years in the beauty world!

This new Prevage face serum has proven to help on the following areas:
:: Reduced the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and discolorations.
:: Minimize the look of redness, minor scars and existing sun damage.
:: Give skin a firmer and more radiant look.Elizabeth Arden‘s best-selling anti-aging formula with acclaimed anti-oxidant Idebenone takes anti-aging skincare to a new level of performance and innovation with Prevage Face Advanced Anti-Aging Serum.

What’s so unique about Prevage?
To really understand understand what makes the Prevage face serum so fantastic and effective, we gota look into the Science behind. I will try to explain it in a less technical way ya. =/

is one of the most powerful and effective anti-oxidants on the market today. It is the key ingredient used in the Prevage range of products. Idebenone is a neuroprotective benzoquinone-analog and a bioengineered version of coenzymen Q10, the body’s own free radical quencher.

Idebenone is nothing new in medical world, it has long ago been discovered to help in preventing cell damage, and proven itself to be successful in treating neurodegenerative diseases like the Alzheimer’s disease.

Some years later, it was discovered to have the ability to protect organs from the oxidation process prior to transplant surgeries. Incase you do not know, organs do oxidize, just like how an apple turns colour when cut and left opened, exposed to the air (Oxygen). Well, so does our skin oxidize when exposed to the surrounding air! This is one of the points which I have learned from the Trainer! Our skin are aging and oxidizing every mini micro second just by exposing to the air! =O Can’t believe that Oxygen is one of the ladies No.1 enemy causing anti-aging!

Since Idebenone has proven to be an effective anti-oxidant in the medical world, scientists then decide experiment and formulate it into the anti-aging skincare product. Upon confirmation of this discovery, Idebenone was patented for use as a topical anti-aging product and has been licensed to Allergan and Elizabeth Arden.This is how Idebenone looks like, it’s just fine orange powder.

According to Elizabeth Arden:
“Idebenone is proven to be the most powerful antioxidant and the ONLY antioxidant to receive the highest EPF rating of 95 out of 100. It can act on all three levels of free radical damage, working deep within the surface layers of the skin to restore skin cells. The new formula delivers Idebenone to the skin in a new way that advances its protective, preventive and corrective benefits.

Some of you may heard of coenzyme Q10 and incase you want to do a comparison with Idebenone, Idebenone is about 60% smaller in size than coenzyme Q10, which is why Idebenone is more easily absorbed into the skin’s surface, resulting in a protective and revitalizing effect.

As the clinical tests on Prevage continue to prove, this anti-aging treatment with Idebenone is the most effective way to fight the the signs of skin aging.

The Prevage Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum!

And so a new formulation using Idebenone and a few other ingredients to support the action of Idebebone, Prevage Face Serum consists of specialist anti-oxidants that help to neutralize free radical reactions, boosting protective benefits.

This face serum is going to provide significant benefits to protect and correct the look of skin, helping shield skin from environmental assaults, intercept future aging signs and dramtically improve the look of sun damaged skin. You will also notice results in minimizing the appearance of lines, wrinkles, age spots, and discolorations, giving skin a firmer look.
There are also tests which show a reduction in the appearance of redness and minor scars.
Long term usage of the face serum, your skin’s condition improves and is able to help fight the effects of environmental aggression.
Of course, results vary from person to person.Immediately: Skin appears smooth and bright.
After 4 weeks: Skin looks firmer and more toned.
After 8 weeks: The appearance of lines, wrinkles, age spots and discolorations is significantly reduced and skin has a radiant and more even skin tone than before.I attended their preview for this face serum and was given a trial on the Prevage Face Serum.

Here’s the texture, may look thick to you, but it’s actually not. Just that the amount pumped to my hand was abit too much, hehe. Anyway, while I tried to massage the serum on my hand, I did feel a bit of oiliness, but after the serum was fully absorbed into my hand, my skin didn’t feel too oily and sticky. my skin felt kind hydrated and ready for moisturizer application. scent-wise was not much. no fruity / floral scent, not sure how to describe it, but it’s not unpleasant either. anyway, Prevage is not into a fancy fragrance product. =)

Okiez, that’s all for the Science behind Prevage.
Here’s some photos taken at the preview which was held at Dempsey, House, a very chilling dining place!
So much thanks to EA for the invitation!
Our preview was presented in full length glass room!
Each of us were given a personalized badge from Elizabeth Arden! Sweet!

Everyone left the room with a trial kit to try on!

I love the paperbag and the ribbon!

and what’s more, we were served with yummy snacks, juices, coke and wine!

The food was really nice, they were gone very fast! haha!

A photo taken with the nice people from EA, fellow bloggers and babes who are active in beauty products!

okay, the photo taken above was using my camera, so blur!
here’s another photo taken from EA FB! this one looks so much better with many teeth shown!

Credits to EA!
I added in my own watermark.

I am gonna keep this red paperbag for good!

and the ribbon!

what’s inside,

this is a notebook to commemorate Elizabeth Arden 100 years in the beauty market!

And of course, my personalised badge with my name on it!

Trial kit to pamper my skin!

For those who are interested, here’s the price list for Prevage products,[NEW] Prevage Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum 1.7fl. oz. / 50ml – SGD331

[NEW] Introductory Offer
Prevage Advanced Anti-aging Serum 30ml – SGD215Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer SPF 30PA++ 50ml – SGD239

Prevage Anti-aging Treatment 50ml – SGD315

Prevage Eye Anti-aging Moisturizing Treatment 15ml – SGD186

Prevage Anti-aging Night Cream 50g – SGD239

Prevage Anti-aging Treatment 200ml – SGD241

Available mid-May 2010 at all Elizabeth Arden Counters,

Takashimaya (65) 6735 7605
Robinsons Rafflies City (65) 6336 1554
Robinsons Centre Point (65) 6738 9389
OG People’s Park (65) 6538 5970
OG Albert Complex (65) 6737 1492
Metro Paragon (65) 6737 1492
Metro Woodlands (65) 6891 0170

In my next blog entry, I will share with you more on the benefits from the ingredients used in Prevage.


4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Arden Introduces The Prevage Face Advanced Anti-aging Serum!

  1. interesting..oh and i actually like the packaging hehe.
    how i always love your food photos hehe. make me very hungry.
    btw, u straighten your hair? thats u in black and pink tube dress right? very pretty! like you in straight hair (not like i mean u dont look good in curls ah hehe)

    • u got lemmed by the packaging? lol!
      the silver packaging looks classy ya!
      talking abt food pics, i have got so much entries which i have not blogged!! taking my own sweet time, hoping to clear them all soon!
      yep, i have straighten my hair, hehe, the dress belongs to BC chiffon dress which Rach had worn during BC bash, keke!
      bored with my curls, getting hay-wired and messy! haha!

      • but i just noticed the prices….wahhhhhh…
        hahaha take your time, it good to have a break to enjoy life.
        nice nice..i like you in straight hair =)
        ooh thats a nice dress!! i wasn’t into blogshops back then.. *hw i wish i can continue to not knowing got blogshops exists. hahah*

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