Skin79 BB Cream

The Queen of BB Creams has arrived!
Way before the label hit local shores, it has already been making waves in beauty forums like CozyCot – scores off BB cream zealots made trips to Korea and Japan to get their hands on the products, or ordered them during online shopping sprees!
Here’s why:

5 Crowning Factors

#1 Top-Seller in Korea, Japan and Taiwan
10 million BB creams have been snapped up worldwide since its launch. that means 5556 fly off the shelves everyday!

#2 Widest Range of BB Creams
Skin79 has a BB cream for every age group, skin type and makeup preference.

#3 Luxurious Oriental Ingredients

Think gold, pearls, diamonds, caviar and precious herbs – you get the idea? =D

#4 Super Skin-savers
These BB creams pack any many as 10 skincare benefits in a single product – they whiten, improve wrinkle, fend off UV damage, nourish, hydrate, build resilience, protect skin against pollution, control sebum, and provide coverage.

#5 Up the Glam-O-Metre
These gorgeous bottles and compacts will sit beautifully on any dresser.

Introducing The Super Multi-Tasker
Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm Triple Functions

Skin79’s all-time best seller, this product offers a one-step quick-fix for a total of 10 beauty grouses. It improves wrinkles, fends off UV damage, nourishes skin, hydrates, builds resilience, protects skin against pollution, controls sebum, and acts as a makeup base and foundation.

Its girly pink packaging also speaks to the princess in every young lady, and is a charming acquisition to any dressing table.
Suitable for oily/combination skin.

Next we have the Think Gold and Caviar
VIP Gold Super Plus Beblesh Balm

Vanity fare can’t get any richer than this luxurious BB cream. Choc a bloc with caviar and gold, it pumps skin with proteins, minerals, vitamins and energy to recharge tired skin and give it a million-dollar glow.

With Similar functions and ingredients as Hot Pink Super Beblesh Balm Triple Functions, it offers 10 skincare benefits in a single step. Its classic gold packaging is absolutely regal.
Suitable for dry/combination skin.
Price: SGD36.90

The Royal Suite of BB Creams

With so many BB Creams, there is a perfect match for every beauty DNA.
Here are key highlights:

For perfect Coverage
Intense Classic Balm contains ultra fine colour pigments, which conceal blemishes, dark circles and sun spots while offering a sheer, natural finish. Price: $26.90

For Adolescent Skin
Dream Girls Beblesh Balm has sebum control properties, and papaya extract to calm and nourish sensitive. Price: SGD26.90

For Wrinkle Repair
Super Plus Beblesh Balm Triple Functions Super Perfection covers blemishes while nourishing damaged skin and repairing wrinkles creases. Price: SGD35.90

Luxurious BB Pacts

For Multiple Skin Benefits
Hot Pink Sun Protect Beblesh Pact SPF30 PA++ works in synergy with Hot Pink Super Beblesh Balm Triple Functions. Dab on this power powder for sun protection, hydration, skin resilience, sebum control and coverage. Price: SGD35.90 (i love this compact powder to bits!!)

For a Pearlescent Glow
VIP Gold Hologram Pearl Pact packs fine pearl to lend skin a subtle radiance. It also contains gold, caviar and coenzymen Q10 to intensely nourish the skin. Price: SGD35.90

All products available exclusively at Watsons from 26 April 2010.

that’s all for a short introduction on the BB creams from Skin79.
i have actually attended their preview and here’s what happened at the preview workshop! =D
it was held at Essential Brew at Holland Village.
Sucha cosy place and the staff had reserved a private room for us to relax, drink and eat while trying out the products.

Upon entering, i thought i was entering into a room for girl’s night out party!

sweet mirror!

and then we saw pink pink pink! so excited can!
a table full of pink and cosmetics, all of us got so surprised and overwhelmed, at least to me! =D


we were also presented with the menu, food food food!

here’s what i had~! the food serious tasted delicious and makes me want to go back for a meal soon!

each of us had a goodie bag, prepared specially for us, all the goodie bags were unique

Moi name "Tiphanie" !! So thoughtful of the folks from Skin79!

See my initial "T" !! ^.^  So cute that i can’t bear to use till now!!

this crown below has got all of us fascinated, haha, been taking pics the whole night, with the crown!

we were given these products to play with throughout the evening!

alright, here’s more photos on the powder and BB cream!

Let me start with these two compact powder. =)
as mentioned earlier, these two are the luxurious BB Pacts!
To be used together with the "Hot Pink" and "VIP Gold" BB creams respectively. =D
i have tried them and i can’t wait to lay my hands on the BB Pact!

i love the shimmer and the coverage!
i had actually used too much bb cream on my hand, and my hand looked like having a thick layer hence a dark shade.

here’s the BB cream, Dream Girls! comes with SPF 30, suitable for oily/combination skin/sensitive, highly recommended for the girls who have adolescent skin!

Diamond I
Check out this series! pink pink pink!

Diamond I The Prestige Beblesh Balm

Diamond I UV Screen Beblesh Pact SPF22 PA++

that’s not all!
here’s the Diamond I Starglow Ball Powder!

so pretty!!
i love the natural glow it gives onto my dull skin!

For those who love shimmer (Me!!), check out this Diamond I Luminous Pearl Beblesh Balm!

it is one of the best shimmering products which i have tried so far, great for parties!l

Diamond II
after Diamond I, we now come to Diamond II ~

Diamond II Crystal Pearl BB Cream

Diamond II UV Perfect BB Pact

For Diamond II, Skin79 has launched two additional products, concealer and loose powder.

Diamond II Perfect Cover BB Concealer

Diamond II All Day Sun Powder

placing all the pinkies together,

so now, let me introduce you the Oriental range!
i love the blusher the most from Oriental!
this bottle is like 2-in-1, comes with bb cream and blusher!
it is called the Oriental Gold BB Cream.

Few of us were actually hoping that Skin79 will come out with this blusher, exclude the BB cream! haha

Oriental Shimmering BB Cream
Comes with an attached brush, easily removed for cleansing.

Oriental Smooth Sun BB Pact

Oriental Lifting Eye Controller
it is an eyecare, pretty light and non oily on the skin.

Oriental Total Power Cream
it is a moisturizer, very hydrating!

Newturn Therapy
This special serum provides the optimum solution to various troubled skins, intensively whitening complexions for aged and darkened skins exposed to tiredness and stress induced by environmental pollutants.

i have only managed to introduce a few products from Skin79, the real fact is that there are alot more products awaiting for you to check them out!
so do rush down to Watsons on the 26th April to get one ya, you will love them for sure, whether if it’s bb cream, the bb pact, the eyecare or skincare

Special thanks to Skin79 for inviting me to the above mentioned preview, to be one of the first few in Sg to try out these products! ^.^


16 thoughts on “Skin79 BB Cream

  1. wah!
    WAH!! not bad sia..they invited you to such a great event (;
    I have the Hot pink Bb cream only..its quite ok, but I don’t really think its anti-wrinkle =X
    haha..the packaging is so pretty! πŸ˜€

    • Re: wah!
      yea, i agree, the packaging is so girly.
      the hot pink is for oily/combi skin, but i have heard that those who have oily skin actually seem to like the VIP gold instead of hot pink.
      i am still trying to figure out which one i like best for my oily skin.
      both are so easily applied on my skin!
      as for wrinkles issue, i don’t think we can see the results immediately.
      i am now waiting to get the BB pact to go along with my bb cream, hehe.

  2. hi there, have been a silent reader of your blog, and i am just as excited about skin79!
    just wanna ask how the texture of Diamond I The Prestige Beblesh Balm is like? been lemming for it when i checked out its official website. πŸ˜›

    • texture is not very thick, so it is quite easily glided onto my hand, the shimmering is alot though.
      coverage-wise, yep, there are some coverage from it. =) but if you are going to use daily, i think it’s abit too shimmering for it. =D

      • ah.. okok, then which would you recommend for daily usage if i have combi/dehydrated skin?
        P.S. i think its all because of the pink packaging πŸ˜›

      • though the pink one is more for your skin type (also mine), i personally like the gold one more. =)
        ya, it’s all the pink packaging which got us so crazy! haha!

    • it’s one of my favourite! not my only favourite though… in terms of coverage, the hot pink bb cream is able to provide that, the compact powder is just an add on to give nice finishing touch and help to make the makeup last longer (by abit of oil control).
      you can also follow up with your own loose powder after using the hot pink bb cream.
      as for oil control for the BB compact powder, i find it not bad but still not up to my expectation, my t-zone still shines during lunch time consider the fact that i put on my makeup at about 6am plus, my t-zone usually shines at about 10-11am. so i guess this compact powder does help abit in oil control?
      i have tried the VIP gold too, infact i find the VIP gold suitable for oily skin people even though it’s meant for dry skin. =)

  3. diamond uv perfect bb pact
    Nice post you have!
    Can I ask you how’s the oil control and coverage like for the diamond collection uv perfect bb pact?

    • Re: diamond uv perfect bb pact
      do you mean the one with SPF22++ (Diamond I)or SPF30++ (Diamond II)?
      the only difference i see is the shimmer between the two, otherwise, in terms of their powder fineness, i find both more or less the same. they make the skin look smooth after applying it on top of the BB Cream.
      in term of coverage, it’s similar to any other compact powder in my personal opinion.
      Actually most coverage can be obtained by the BB cream, the compact powder is more like smoothing the skin for a more natural glow/radiant. =D

  4. Is it suitable for a normal skin 13 years old girl? As being said, the hot pink one is for oily skin so i was wondering… Thanks! ^o^

    • Hi babe!
      you have very young skin! =D
      the BB cream, Dream Girls! comes with SPF 30, suitable for oily/combination skin/sensitive, highly recommended for the girls who have adolescent skin! maybe Dream Girls will be more suitable for your skin type. but i am not sure if this is on the shelf yet.

      but of course Hot Pink is also suitable for your oily skin if you want to try. maybe join Fr3b (FOC) to get a sample of it? if i am not wrong, Fr3b is having stocks for the samples. =D

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