2nd Haul From TheBodyShop Sale

after my 2010 first hauling from TBS sale last wed, i had my 2nd round today! wahahhahaha!!
spent another $90 over dollars, i will probably be on TBS sale again if there is another one in Dec 2010, unless i strike ToTo!

this time i managed to squeeze into the cosmetics section, like finally can!!
but when i tried to squeeze out, it was another major obstacle as well. =.=


from the cosmetics section, i got this eye roseflower! too pretty to resist! only $9.90!! ^.^

and i also bought this blusher, which is a duo blusher, comes with a highlighter! that’s not all, it smells heavenly sweet!!
all thanks to Jocelyn who recommended me! it’s $12.90 at the sale! ^.^

i then got myself some haircare, 4 for $10. =D


i was surprised that the Pink Grapefruit one was sold out!! O.O
so in the end i comforted myself with Passion Fruit. already bought a few tubs earlier but still couldn’t resist it! it’s just too cheap to give up, only $12.90/tub. normal price at the store is $29.90, even when there is weekly promo, it’s $16.90. $12.90 is still my "must-buy" !

i still have like about 2 white Lily from previous sale, but now it’s only 2 for $2, so much cheaper than previous sale.
decided to get myself another two, who knows if i am banned from going to the next sale~
anyway, this year’s, the colours are so much sweeter than previous year!

even though i have got many bottles of shower gels earlier, i decided to get these flavours today. never try them before but they do smell nice! and this is one of their recent flavours, all the more i should get them! 4 for $10 as well.


i am a happy girl! ❤


6 thoughts on “2nd Haul From TheBodyShop Sale

    • Hi Cass! TBS warehouse sale is usually very worth to go despite the crowd in the evening. they will probably be another one end of this yr or beginning of next year. meanwhile do keep a lookout of similar sale at various shopping mall atrium. though the variety may not be as much as the warehouse sale’s no harm dropping by to get stocks like shower gel, body lotion. good luck! =)

  1. i went to the warehouse sales as well… but didnt get much stuffs because my brother was nagging at me.. asking me to faster go…too crowded.. lol
    but i bought honey and oat mask from there..

      • got scrub bead but very fine… seemed like v mild..
        oily? i think still ok ba…but it sting me maybe because i got very sensitive skin
        but sian 1/2 now.. i think i saw a layer of oil on top of the mask which i remember one of the cotter also facing such problem i think..

      • oh!! the oil? which means the tub has been stocked for quite long! i think you can try scoop up the oil and see if the mask is okay to use?
        i read your post on the sting, it also happened to other cotters right? so i guess this is part of the results.

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