1 top + 1 Bottom + 1 Dress = I Love Really Shopping!

arrived at the bazaar at about 2pm or so, there wasn’t any queue.
registered with my name, age (weird, sounds like they are doing survey abt their crowds??) and email addy, got a chop before entering into the room.

very disappointed, the room was small, there wasn’t any much stalls. most of the crowds were at BC. O.O
didn’t see alot of blogshops though, so disappointed.

i browsed at BC and realized a few items were same as their previous private sale, and the vintage accessories were there again.
didn’t see anything nice but comforted myself with a dress from BC, SGD22. =)

left at 2pm plus and OSF just came!
Vel’s dad was nice, he went over to OSF, i overheard him talking about helping them to set up a booth or something.

went over to PS and happened to see sale at m)phosis, one of my favourite brands ya!
got myself a top at only SGD21 after 50% off! yea!

i also got myself a pair of capri pants (pencil cut) from Giordano at SGD39.
i have thought the skinny cut will be slim but no, the pencil makes me slimmer!


11 thoughts on “1 top + 1 Bottom + 1 Dress = I Love Really Shopping!

  1. oh i so like the capri pants u bought…and the flower print top that u wearing looks good…and the heels..NICE..fro where? hahah in conclusion, i like everything u wearing on the last pic =p

    • lol!!
      capri pants from giordano, still available!
      floral top is actually a tube, supposed to match with its short flowy skirt, bought few years ago at FEP… doubt hard to find liaoz.
      the heels are one of my new buys, from BV level 2 only SGD23, at a shop called LUSH!! =D

    • TBS? from which pic?
      no arhz, i din buy anything from TBS… o.O
      the sale is crowded but still can squeeze when i arrived. they are controlling the crowds at the entrance so as not to make the room too stuffy.
      actually this flea is not worth going, at BC, only a few dollars cheaper, just enough to cover transport i guess.
      the BS were not as many as mentioned, i din see alot of BS lor, even for OSF, they sold their own 2nd hand items from Topshop. -.-“

  2. tiffy babe!
    just read ur entry. πŸ˜€
    the pants look nice on u lor. hehe.
    Ask u leh, how do u do the pics on top of the pics? sorry, duno u understand wat im asking or not. hahaha.

    • hi, thanks! i think the pants will make everyone looks good! you should get one too! one cotter actually bought a pair after seeing my review, she likes her pants!
      i think i get what you mean on my pics, i am not using photoshop but photoscape, so much easier and user-friendly than photoshop. the pics is one of the frames inside the photoscape software. you can d/l it FOC. =)

      • Thanks for ur reply, dear tiffy.
        i will go & take a look.
        Oh Photoscape ar, i got it but i din see this before. This application is very useful, i like it alot also. πŸ˜€
        But the “pics” below ur main pic is also done by Photoscape?
        So sorry to ask u so detailed.. hehe.

    • glad dat you found it!
      i am still learning to play around with their other functions as well!
      it maybe a little time-consuming, but you will feel good to have nice pics uploaded! cheers!

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