New SKII Cellumination

me back from SKII preview for their latest range, Cellumination.
i am not a big fan of SKII but am quite a curious user for their products.
have personally tried some of their skincare products and been using Facial Treatment Essence for a few years!
am very satisfied with the oil control it is able to deliver to my skin.


Cellumincation consists of mainly two skincare products and one cosmetic product.

New Cellumination Essence

this is a serum, mainly used for whitening purpose.

"it works to reveal your skin’s hidden aura.
enriched with a unique active whitening ingredient developed through 10 years of research, called De-Melano P3C, it balances the 3 colours of your skin tone from within* to unleash your skin’s translucent aura.

*refers only to the epidermal layer of the skin.

i consulted the SA about this product and realized this works exactly the same as their DermDefinition Whitening Source.
we will just have to use either one. the only difference is the improved ingredient.
makes me wonder if DermDefinition Whitening Source going to discontinue?


anyway, i tried the texture of this serum, it is exactly the same as DermDefinition Whitening Source, not sticky, not oily at all! great for all skin types. fragrance-wise, light and soothing, to me!
it is now available at the counter, SGD199, 50ml (iirc).

New Cellumination Deep Surge

this is mainly for hydration, it’s a moisturizer.

"this is an intensive daily moisturizer designed to increase skin’s aura in addition to providing superior hydration benefits.
it works both on the surface and within skin, creating more radiant, even-toned and firmer skin. the result is long lasting penetration, up to six hours after application."

this moisturizer is mainly for combination skin and dry skin.
it may be a tad too oily for some users. i personally don’t quite like it due to the oiliness.
for combination skin, i will suggest for to use it at night if you are not comfortable with an oily face before makeup during the day.
for those with dry skin, no harm applying twice a day!

the above pic shows you the texture of this Deep Surge. it maybe too rich for those with oily skin, but a good hydration for the dry skin.

for SKII moisturizer, i use Facial Clear Solution, which is a water based moisturizer. SA suggested me to skip this Deep Surge if i don’t like the oiliness. however i can still use the New Cellumination Essence before my Facial Clear Solution.

For those who are using Facial Treatment Essence (Miracle Water), here’s a basic regime for you,

double cleanse > tone > FTE > New Cellumination Essence > moisturizer

just to add on, Deep Surge can be used as a facial massage cream! you can now DIY your own facial at home!

New Cellumination Essence-in Foundation

i am not into their cosmetics, but the packaging looks interesting to me!

"Cellumination Essence-in Foundation not only creates the desired translucent, radiant look, it also continuously works to improve the skin’s aura.
The secret to its dual approach lies in its signature white and beige swirl. Three-colour crystal powders and Apple Vitamin Capsule are formulated in its pinkish-white swirl for brilliant skin translucency while the beige layer is formulated with the fresh beauty essence to nourish and provide beautiful base to the skin."

now i am tempted to try out this foundation! but gota finish with what i have on my dressing table first. =(

for those who are interested, please find out more at Orchard Paragon, they are currently having some promotion ( at the Atrium.
do check it out if you happen to be nearby ya!
you will also witness the auran-lucent look in elegant dresses from Pois and hear from inspiring women on how they manage their skin and lives. don’t miss this dazzling show on Sat 17 Feb, 2pm – 2.45pm.

here’s what i was given after attending the preview today,


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  1. skII
    have you personally heard of or
    I am tempeted to buy my sk II from them but I still wanted to do some reasearch…

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