Fr3b – Beauty Products Just For You At FREE of charge!

it’s been about 6 months since i joined Fr3b membership!
i have been getting free samples each month till now, and sometimes 4 times per month!

Here’s some of the samples which i have redeemed!
Many are travel-sized products!

for more of what i have redeemed, click here!

other than getting freebies, Fr3b has organised a few focus groups for members!
lotsa of contests for members to join and so many attractive prizes for members to win!
i have attended a focus group on Lipcare by Mentholatum! it was such an enjoyable event with discussions and opinions shared with everyone who had participated!
as for contests, one of my unforgettable prize which i had won was the full range of L’oreal Pore Minimising Smoother products!

and oh, the staff at Fr3b! they are so friendly! most of us tend to be kinda shy to get samples because we will wonder, "where got such free things in this world!". but at Fr3b, there is no need for us to feel shy! infact whenever i visit the store, the staff will recommend me some of their new arrivals, which products are popular, the feedback which they have received so far etc.
i feel so free and easy to ask for samples!

so why wait? join me at Fr3b now!

Fr3b is now on facebook and twitter!



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