Creating Traffic To My Blog

i have been trying to create traffic to my blog since end of 2009.
and right now, i have actually come up with a few small banners linking to my blog.

i am hoping someone will add me and my banner to her blogroll and in return i will add hers to mine. =D
i personally prefer banners to links, banners are colourful and more attractive than links.

and here are a 2 designs which i have created,

150 x 131                  100 x 88

347 x 40
320 x 37
300 x 23
150 x 17

*praying someone will add me!*



2 thoughts on “Creating Traffic To My Blog

    • hi sweet!
      tks for adding me to your blog! i’ve added you as well! not sure which pic to extract, so i took the one in “backview”. let me know if you have another pic in mind ya!
      that’s an interesting blog you have!
      i can see that you’ve enjoyed alot during your trip to Saigon! =)

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