Ramen Ten At Century Square

i wonder if anyone still the existence of Ramen Ten.
seems to me their outlets are getting lesser and lesser.
so far, i only know there is one at Far East Plaze and another one at Century Square.
between the two, waiting time at FEP is very long, gave up going there.
the one at Century Square is till not bad, furthermore they have additional Sushi varieties.
they have been having this $0.99/sushi for pretty long though, this $0.99 sushi only applies to normal plates.
anyway, i am sucha "sua ku" here, my first time trying these green eggs from prawns… taste not bad! there’s also black eggs, from shrimps!


this taste yummy with egg mayo on top!

i find this pretty and took a pic of it!

at Ramen Ten, my favourite is their Dry Ramen in any kinds of flavour!
here’s the chicken cutlet.

Cha Shu Ramen, normal normal lah~


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