Chanel Inspired Earrings & Necklace!

i have been lemming for a pair of Chanel earrings and necklace since last year. but the stocks at the Takashimaya Boutique are always oos and i will have to request to be on the waiting list if i am getting it. the waiting has sort of killed my lemming.
then my friend told me it’s not worth to get the accessories because they were small and even if i were to wear them, other people who saw the earrings/necklace might thought they were fake, because quite alot of Chanel Inspired accessories were being sold in a few blogshops.

when i realized RWD is bringing them at only SGD40, i couldn’t hesitate anymore! since wearing the authentic ones, people may think they are fake, why not get the inspired ones! lolz!

i liked RWD service! the parcel was professionally wrapped with a returned address at the back of the envelope!

irl, the bling bling are very bling! no regrets in getting them from RWD!


18 thoughts on “Chanel Inspired Earrings & Necklace!

  1. tifyy!! How have you been?! 🙂
    I wanted to get the ear rings initially, but was reading the forum and all the discussions between the real Vs fake. Glad to know it looks like the real thing! Shall email RWD and check if they have any left. Hehe.

    • arhz!! long time no talk!!
      i have been busy lately with my audit lo, so seldom log into twitter~
      ya, i read about the fake vc real in the thread too, but i guess since it’s only SGD40, no harm buying lor, afterall, not many will care to look closely. the moment they see the 2 “C”s they will think of chanel. and since oreadi so many inspired around, some may thing they are fake ones even if i am wearing the real ones. lol.
      but if you don’t mind the waiting, no harm getting the real ones! =)

      • Haha. But if the fake ones look like the real ones… I think i will go for the fake. Lol.
        Poor thing, busy busy but make sure you go for your lunch break and have some rest okay? Dun worry, i havent been tweeting and posting much. More of reading and keeping myself if the loop! Hehe.

  2. so pretty the chanel inspired earrings…
    is it made of silver?
    tiffy, do you still have the link of the blogshop that manufacture the lipsy tube dress which similar to AE one..
    because my friend was asking me.. but i forget to bookmark the website..

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