Moi 4th Sample Redemption from CozyCot

went to CozyCot‘s new office at The Box to redeem my samples!
i think i will grow fat in no time if i am to work in that area, lotsa of yummy food! lolz!
anyway i have taken a photo of the office entrance, i didn’t realise it until i saw the CozyCot‘s name above the entrance.
the office was located at lvl 3 and by the time i reached the unit, i was panting, lolz!!
time to exercise! haha!

okay, here’s what i have redeemed and some other goodies i was given.

i had no idea what to do with this "manget board" below~ o.o?

a guideline from Shu Uemura on makeup!

many thanks to the CozyCot Team for waiting for me as i couldn’t reach the place on time!
a big thanks to CozyCot for the additional samples!


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