Biotherm – White D-Tox [Bright-Cell] Press Launch

pics credit to Biotherm

Came back from the above press launch!
it was held at Tanglin Mall, Yantra restaurant, a perfect place for small functions!

Biotherm is going to launch a new range of whitening products, White D-Tox [Bright-Cell].

upon reaching, the invited guests were hanging around, getting to know one another, having drinks and snacks. i saw photographers taking photographs, must be for the related magazines!

anyway do you know what Biotherm mean?
Bio + Therm = Science + Water (Hydration)

below read: Brightness Starts From Genes!

here’s where the presentation is! everyone was seated in a cozy environment, i was feeling so excited while waiting for the presentation to start! ya, i am a skincare freak and am always excited to know about new product launches, and how these products are going to work for the ladies out there!

here’s a simple slide on the inner layers under our skin. this slide mainly talked about how pigmentation comes about. i believe pigmentation is a horror sight to many of ours, and as we age, pigmentation tends to appear, how sad right! so it’s a must for us to keep alook out for whitening products which can help to suppress/slow down the pigmentation appearance.


at the press launch, all of us were presented with some technical biological stuff which i will talk about it sometime when i do my review.
just a summary here,

melanin which is our body’s source of skin colour is originally in a translucent cocoon.
however over sometime when our skin is exposed to the light and polluted environment, the cocoon darkens and dark spots start to appear, skintone becomes dull or uneven.

a protein PMEL17 is the root cause which causes the melanin colouration. thanks to Biotherm R&D research team, they come up with a new range of products to solve this melanin colouration problem.

White D-tox [Bright Cell] range targets this problem on a cellular level. the ingredients used inside this range will help to fade away dark spots and at the sametime helps new skin cells to surface.

one of the main ingredients in White D-Tox [Bright Cell] range is peas which are oxidising.

after the presentation, everyone was allowed to try on this new range! cool!

i have tried the whole range and i must say the results are *thumbs up* =)
as i have mentioned earlier, i will do a review for each of the product later on.

but right now, let me share with you this interesting product in this range.
it’s the Tri Roll-On Concentrate Anti-Marks + Anti Dark Spots!
iirc, it’s SGD 89 at the counter! but wait, this product is not yet launched! but it’s going to launch in March 2010!

the texture is not those thick creamy type, but it’s more like gel-watery, very light on the skin, non-sticky, non-oily.

gad wanted to show you the brightened skin after massage, but too bad, my camera and the lightings are not capable enough! arrgh!

here’s the whole range of White D-Tox [Bright-Cell],

the makeup base, you will sure to see a more radiant glowy effect after makeup!
i recall that i ever attended a workshop on an older range focusing on the makeup base, the effects were obvious! the makeup artist actually applied half of the model’s face so as for us to see the difference using and without using their makeup base!

Biotherm has been very generous! i walked home with their products from White D-Tox [Bright-Cell] range! and lke what i have mentioned earlier, i will be doing a review of this range and share with you the results!

Biotherm White D-Toc [Bright-Cell]

range of skincare products will be launched island-wide on March 2010
Not to be missed!


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