More Clothes Again!

okay, i gave up!
i can’t save when i keep buying more clothes!
i have got another 3 pieces this week!

after joining the pre-order for Lipsy, i went to make payment for an off shoulder dress from another blogshop!
the dress reached me very fast! item was sent on tuesday and i received it on wednesday!
the material is fab, thickness is just right! can be worn as a dress or a top!
my money has been well-spent here.

but this wasn’t my last piece of dress for this week!
just now after attending Chanel Spring Party, Christy and i went for some shopping!
Actually she was the one who was interested in buying dresses but somehow ended up i was the one spending! lol
we first went to the MNG at Taka and i bought spaghetti for only SGD19!
it was like a year since i stepped into MNG boutique because most of their clothes were like too big for me.
and even during their sale, i could hardly find my sizes.
surprisingly just now at the sale, i managed to get a top!
quite flattering, not the super body hugging which may reveal tummy, but still, can’t eat alot when wearing it.
i love the straps and the colour which makes me look slim!

Christy didn’t get anything and we went on shopping for more clothes. we arrived at Wisma Isetan MNG, i told myself, okay, i think nothing much to buy already, i’ll just look around while Christy chose her clothes.
but pengz!
Christy told me about this high-waisted skirt which she liked but the sizes were limited.
i took one glance at the skirt and i fell in love with it. i told Christy, "wow, so pretty, probably don’t have my size as well!"
but no lor! She said yes, there was a size for me! O.O"
i took it to try it out at the changing room, and that’s it, i got sold!
original price was like SGD95 then reduced to SGD49? and now at only SGD25, how could i not buy?!?!

it’s my first high-waisted skirt actually, i have always thought i won’t look good in it. thanks to Christy who has got great taste in clothes, i bought the skirt!

here’s how the skirt looks like, erm, please ignore the top, i know it doesn’t pair will wit the skirt. lol

material is thick but not too thick to be worn in sg. length is just right for a weekend or during work.
i find the design not bad, not so common at least. =)

Christy, i want to go shopping with you again! must ask Sharon to come along! ^.^


2 thoughts on “More Clothes Again!

  1. Hello…
    Wee…. I heard my name! (”,) you seem to have so much fun shopping for clothes with Christy.. next time we should go out and la kopi together…
    By the way, I like your first off shoulder dress/top… so nice! (”,) where you got it from? you so slim, wear anything also nice.. envy *>*

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