The Hand Burger

Heard of The Hand Burger at 313 Orchard?
here comes my review!
let me tell you, the price is so much worth to pay for the food!
service was not bad, food tasted yummy! you gota try it ya!


check out their menu book, so cute!

ice/warm water were offered FOC and free flow.
but i recommended you all to order their drinks because the colour was very pretty when i saw the order from my next table. =)

my principle in trying food is to try out the original flavour during first time visit.
this was the original flavour of the hand burger, beef.

do play around with the cutlery during your visit. you’ll notice that, no matter how how you place the knives, they will always end up in the same one position. *grinz*

the fries! it’s purely cut from potato, very different from the usual fries from most other fast food.

Fish & Chips! very big portion!

Calamari! crispy, yummy, bagus!


hope my review helps!
i can’t remember the exact location of The Hand Burger, but for sure, it’s located at the one of the basement levels of 313 Orchard.
oh yah, UOB (or Citibank) has got 10% discount with a minimum spending of SGD30, if i remember correctly!


2 thoughts on “The Hand Burger

    • yah, looks good right!
      when i first saw the calamari, i was like wow, so big and thick?? o.o
      but actually it’s the fried flour which make them look so big and thick.
      but then they still taste nice, it’s not like those chew and chew, still can’t chew into pieces. lol

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