Lunch At Mian Mian Ju Dao (面面俱到)

lunch was at The Cathay was it was raining and we couldn’t leave the building.
decided to try out this restaurant called 面面俱到 at the basement level of The Cathay.

i think their specialty was raman which i wasn’t craving at that point of time. anyway this poster on the wall of the restaurant, i seem to have seen it elsewhere. i guess the history behind ramen is very well-known in China.

here’s my order.
the food was average, customer service wasn’t very impressive. we waited quite awhile before our order was taken.
i wanted San Lau Hor Fun but was told no more Kway Teow and they offered my their handmade Ban Mian which they tried to make it thin like Kway Teow, but mission failed. -.-"

incase you want to give it a try, here’s their other outlets,

but for me, most prob i won’t go back again.

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