Blazer From Closet Affaires!

despite most (or all nays) from fellow babes, i went ahead to get the blazer from ClosetAffaires!
i couldn’t decide which colour to choose and seek advice from the seller.
she’s nice, friendly and helpful and i got the black one.
material is superb and comfy!
i like the cutting very much, able to enhance my waistline.
other than the wearing style as shown in their website, i actually tried mine with a black lace tube underneath! =)

it was my first time dealing with ClosetAffaires and i quite like their service! they are prompt in replying to my emails, queries, payment verification, and the best of all, free delivery right to my doorstep! no worries about parcel delayed or lost!
but blur blur me, refused to answer the doorbell when their helper came to my door. i thought it’s the salesman.
but when the doorbell rang like almost 5 minutes, i got worried and wondered why the salesman was so persistent in waiting!
so i went to the door, and realized it’s their helper who had my blazer. -.- i was so embarrassed lor!!
despite waiting for like 5 minutes, their helper didn’t get angry and infact was very friendly and thanked me for supporting them. haha!

okay, here’s my review pics! nice??

that’s not all! other than FREE delivery to my doorstep, there is GWP for my purchase!!
a pair of flora earrings!
so pretty!

that’s so sweet of the sellers!

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